Deer Jet became the first Chinese private jet operator to fly from China to the Antarctica in December, when one of its Gulfstream G650 business jets landed on the blue ice runway of Wolfs Fang airport.

Its arrival marked the launch of a new charter service between China and the Antarctica via Cape Town, the latest in its series of luxury adventure vacations.

For this especially challenging flight, Deer Jet had prepared for over a year, conducting and evaluating hundreds of risk tests, flight routes, and flight support and emergency plans to assure a flawless and safety operation.

The G650’s fuel capacity and efficiency makes it an ideal aircraft to leave from Cape Town, land at Wolf’s Fang and return to Cape Town with more than sufficient fuel reserves., a Gulfstream spokesperson explained.

“Understanding the runway performance is critical to landing at Wolfs Fang, as the friction properties of this runway differ from ice-covered runways in more temperate climates. This is due to surface characteristics, environmental conditions and maintenance practices. Data were generated for the various friction coefficients that could be encountered as well as other operating variables. Takeoff (Field Length) and Landing (Stopping Distance) data were specifically developed for use at this location. These data supplemented the G650 Airplane Flight Manual and published Contaminated Runway Information.”

A China-based Gulfstream Field Representative was dispatched to support the operation from Cape Town and was assisted by the regional Field Representative in Cape Town.  A review was conducted of the components that most frequently interfere with flight dispatching. Units that could be installed by the onboard flight engineer were provided as carry-on spares for the aircraft.

Gulfstream aircraft are not new to Antarctica. In 2003, a Gulfstream II operated there to record video during a total eclipse. In association with the G650 flights, a G550 also was used to support the mission in Antarctica.

The Antarctic achievement is just the latest milestone for Deer Jet, the company says. In its 22 years of operation it has flown to 800 airports across 180 countries and territories, and built up a comprehensive network offering on demand charters, aircraft management, brokerage, ground handling, FBOs, air medical, and luxury travel.