Bernie Baldwin



Turboprops Could Face Crossover Narrowbody Jet Challenge 29
Crossover narrowbody jets, with quieter, more efficient engines, could impinge on turboprop market.
Crossover Jet Manufacturers Targeting Southeast Asia 3
For crossover narrowbody jet manufacturers, the challenge is to convince carriers there is a need for their aircraft, both operationally and financially.
How Crossover Jets Are Meeting The Noise Challenge 9
Much is made in the industry of delivering “integrated powerplants” rather than simply engines.
Crossover Jets Open Wider Route Options At Restricted Airports 13
Easier access to many airports, including those with short runways, steep approaches or noise and emissions restrictions, are a major benefit of crossover narrowbody jets.
How Crossover-Class Jet Makers Are Making Cabins Seem Bigger 21
Regional jet manufacturers are working to make aircraft cabins more efficient for airlines and more appealing to their passengers.