Irene Klotz

Irene Klotz
Space Editor,
Aviation Week

Irene Klotz is Space Editor for Aviation Week, based in Cape Canaveral. Before joining Aviation Week in 2017, Irene spent 25 years as a wire service reporter covering human and robotic spaceflight, commercial space, astronomy, science and technology for Reuters and United Press International. She also worked with Discovery Communications, Discovery News and was a founding member of

Irene cut her teeth on the space beat at Florida Today newspaper, a business writer enchanted by the colorful entrepreneurs who wanted access to Air Force launch facilities and assets after commercial payloads were taken off the space shuttles following the 1986 Challenger accident. Commercial space remains the focus of her work, along with a keen interest in the search for life beyond Earth.

A graduate of Northwestern University, Irene is the 2014 recipient of the Harry Kolcum Memorial News and Communications Award, named in honor of the late Aviation Week managing editor and Cape Canaveral senior editor who was among Irene’s earliest mentors.


Large Launchers Shuttle Smallsats To LEO—And Beyond 
With the market for large geostationary satellites in a slump, heritage companies expand options for smallsat ride-shares.
Survey Finds 40 Little Launchers In Development  1
Lured by the prospect of thousands of small satellites needing rides to orbit, private launchers line up.
NASA Mulling More Soyuz Rides For U.S. Crew 
NASA is considering buying two more seats on Russian Soyuz capsules flying to the International Space Station.
Relativity Space Earns 3D Printing Technology Patent 
Los Angeles-based startup Relativity Space has been granted a patent for a machine-learning technique for its additive manufacturing process.
NASA Halts Asteroid Probe Work After SpaceX Protest 
SpaceX on Feb. 11 filed a protest with the U.S. Government Accountability Office over NASA’s $148.3 million award to ULA to launch its Lucy asteroid explorer.
Pentagon IG Probes SpaceX Falcon Certification 
The Pentagon's Inspector General plans to evaluate whether the U.S. Air Force followed the rules when it certified SpaceX Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets to launch national security payloads.
SpaceX Test-Fires First Operational Raptor Engine 
Methane and liquid oxygen engine hits 60% of maximum thrust during 2-sec. debut.
NASA Science Probe Breaks Ground 1 Billion Miles Past Pluto  1
New Horizons surveys Ultima Thule, a twin-lobed body that formed in situ in the Kuiper Belt.
NASA Sets Feb. 22 For Demo-1 FRR 
Managers and engineers from SpaceX and NASA plan to meet Feb. 22 to review progress and set a launch date for the first of SpaceX’s two Commercial Crew Program demo flights.
Flightworthy SpaceX Raptor Roars To Life  6
The first test of the methane-burning Raptor rocket engine marks a key step toward the start of flight tests of SpaceX's multipurpose, interplanetary-class space transportation system.
Blue Origin Breaks Ground For BE-4, BE-3U Engine Plant 
Blue Origin on Jan. 25 began construction of a rocket engine manufacturing plant in Huntsville, Alabama, to produce the methane-fueled BE-4 engines.
Shutdown Sidelines NASA Astronaut Memorial Commemorations 
NASA is delaying annual commemorations honoring astronauts killed in the Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia accidents.
Falcon 9 Fires Engines For Crew Demo 
SpaceX has conducted a static test fire of the Falcon 9 rocket slated to launch the first of two demonstration missions for NASA in advance of crew rotation missions to the International Space Station.
Podcast: Surprise Ending for Stratolaunch Engine, Launcher Programs 1
Listen in as our editors discuss the shocking turnabout for the late Paul Allen’s air-launch space company and other recent churn in the space launch market.
The Evolving Soyuz Rocket Family 3
The first rocket officially named Soyuz was launched in 1966 and has since flown 1,050 times, of which 1,023 were successful.
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