James Albright



Premeditated Stupidity: A Planned Mistake Is Something Worse  13
It seems we pilots never run out of ways to be stupid. I think the best way to avoid that is to examine the actions of others who clearly did not.
Handling Wet And Contaminated Runways  3
Every year or so, we see another case of a passenger-carrying aircraft sliding off the end of a runway. Given the sheer number of landings in winter, the writer is surprised it doesn’t happen more regularly.
Beating Murphy’s Law: If Something Unsafe Can Happen, Be Ready  4
Examining the origins of the phrase Murphy's Law reveals lessons for aviators trying to keep the act of flying from Point A to Point B as safe as possible.
Top Gun Debrief: Taking Your Mission Reviews To The Next Level  5
Every training flight is followed by an analysis that may take longer than the flight itself. The debrief was a major part of the training sortie.
Paper Or Digital? Going Paperless On Your Next Crossing 
We've all heard: "When the weight of the paperwork equals the weight of the airplane, you are ready to fly." And it's never truer than when you fly transoceanic.
The Great Escape: Diverting From An Oceanic Track Requires Plan  2
“The art of international flight operations includes the science of knowing how to pick up the pieces when they fall.”
Reading Minds: Keeping Cockpit Communications On Track  2
Within days, the aviation world began to understand the dangers of volcanic ash, its effect on turbofan engines, and how to survive an encounter.
Professionalism And Safety: Be The Aviator Everyone Thinks You Are  5
We in the aviation community take as an article of faith that those who occupy the seats in an airplane cockpit for a living are, in every sense of the word, professionals.
Checklist Discipline: Against the Flow  20
When it comes to checklists, you can divide the pilot world into two distinct categories and a third, secret, grouping.
The Normalization Of Compliance  5
The May 31, 2014, crash of a Gulfstream IV at Hanscom Field (KBED), Bedford, Massachusetts, was a call to action for many in business aviation. These pilots threw out the book and came up tragically short.
Under Control: Is Your Aircraft Ready For An Approach And Landing?  2
If you have any doubt about your aircraft’s airworthiness while in flight, pressing on without taking steps to reassure yourself might be an exercise in wishful thinking.
Foreign Destinations: Flying In The U.S. Is Different 1
If your native country is other than the U.S. and you are scheduled to fly there, you will probably need to make the usual preparations for an international flight.
Designated Airports For Arrival From Certain Areas South Of U.S.
Certain airports are designated for arrival from specific areas south of the U.S.
Oops, Wrong Airport: It’s More Than Embarrassing, It’s Dangerous  47
There are a variety of contributing factors that result in wrong-airport landings and a few common threads we can look out for to avoid being on the nightly news.
Immediate Action: What Pilots Need To Memorize  48
How often are you required to do something so quickly in your cockpit that you have no time to read your checklist, consult the crew or think? During my years as a U.S. Air Force pilot, I was fed a steady dose of what we called "bold-print" items in our checklists that had to be committed to memory.
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