James Drew

James Drew
Defense Editor,
Aviation Week

A journalism graduate of the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, James moved to Washington, D.C. in January 2014 to pursue a career in defense trade reporting after more than two years writing for community newspapers in Brisbane. James began reporting for Inside Washington Publishers’ Inside the Air Force before moving to Flightglobal, where he traveled extensively as a Washington-based military aviation reporter for the company’s online and print publications. James is a former Australian Army Reserve rifleman with an interest in military hardware, media, photography and video production. He joined Aviation Week in June 2016.


Congress Fails To Avert Government Shutdown 
As the blame game begins, government agencies including the U.S. Defense Department, FAA and NASA will begin furloughing staff and shutting down facilities.
Pentagon Seeks More Lethal Force Ready For War 
As the U.S. federal government prepares for another shutdown, the Pentagon says it must now be ready for a military showdown.
Ryan: ‘Defense Budget Being Held Hostage’ 
House Speaker Paul Ryan has appealed for passage of a stopgap spending measure to avert a government shutdown, or risk further harming a strained military.
Sbirs Launch To Feature Centaur Deorbiting Maneuver 
The upcoming launch of the USAF's fourth Sbirs missile warning satellite will feature a launch vehicle deorbiting maneuver designed to limit space junk.
The Pentagon Wants Its Nuclear Tomahawks Back  78
A draft version of the Trump administration’s Nuclear Posture Review reveals plans for a variety of new, reintroduced or revamped nuclear options.
Trump Hopes To Rearm U.S. Navy With Nuclear Cruise Missiles  1
The U.S. Navy would be with re-equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles under the Trump administration’s new nuclear strategy.
Thrush Considering ‘Optionally Piloted’ Model 510 Firefighter 

Thrush Aircraft is considering development of an “optionally piloted” version of its Model 510 agricultural aircraft for aerial surveillance and fighting fires.                                                                  &

AFwerX Innovation Hub Launches In Las Vegas 
AFwerX-Vegas will have laboratory and prototyping facilities where outsiders can test their concepts.The Air Force says it is particularly interested in new drone technology.
Next Sbirs Missile Warning Satellite Set To Launch 
The U.S. Air Force's fourth Space Based Infrared System missile warning satellite is on track to launch next week aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.
MDA To Extend Boeing’s GMD Contract By Five Years 
The U.S. Missile Defense Agency had been planning to take over Boeing’s position as the lead integrator of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, but has concluded it's not ready yet.
Washington Budget Paralysis Kills Dobbins Air Show 
Budget paralysis in Washington has claimed perhaps its first victim of 2018, the Wings Over Atlanta Air and Space Exposition.
Russia Raises Warning On Spread Of Armed UAVs 
Russia has called for international cooperation to prevent armed drones from getting into the hands of terrorists, after its bases in Syria were targeted.
Raytheon Warns Of 10-Year Tomahawk Production Void 
Raytheon is warning of a Tomahawk cruise missile production gap if more orders aren't forthcoming.
Kratos Expands Target Drone Business  1
After doubling production last year, Kratos' target drone business is set for another expansion after capturing the Army’s MQM-107 replacement program.
BAE Systems Promotes Electronic Blaster For U.S. Navy Ships 
By swapping Bushmasters for e-blasters, BAE Systems wants to bring its high-power microwave (HPM) energy technology to the high seas.


VH-92 Presidential Helo Passes Critical Design Review
July 27, 2016

Well spotted, although I suspect the Republican Party wishes Trump was getting around in an experimental helicopter...

Industry Pushes Back Against USAF Gulfstream EC-37B Plan
June 19, 2016

Nicely said all. There are so many aspects to this EC-37B story, and there's no right answer, but it keeps us reporters busy as everyone has their say. If this Gulfstream...