Lee Ann Shay

Lee Ann
Chief Editor MRO,
Aviation Week Network

As chief editor MRO, Lee Ann Shay directs Aviation Week's coverage of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), including Inside MRO.

She won the World Leadership Forum’s Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards in 2009 (propulsion category) and in 2002 (maintenance category), and has been a finalist in other years. In 2017, Lee Ann won the Aerospace Media Awards' Best Future Tech submission. 

She holds a B.A. in English and political science from Luther College and an M.A. in nonfiction writing from Johns Hopkins University.


Boeing Global Services’ New CEO On Getting To $50 Billion Revenue 
Ted Colbert talks about data, digital innovations, the NMA and the MAX in this exclusive interview.
Flygskam’s Impact On Aviation 
Why the time is now for commercial aviation to take steps to reduce its carbon footprint.
FedEx Express’ Material Strategy: Keep Fleet On Time 
With the holidays approaching, here are a few ways FedEx Express keeps its aircraft on schedule during its busy season.
The IP Debate Behind Airbus’ Royalty Fee Proposal 
Although Airbus has withdrawn its proposed royalty fees on MRO invoices, the issue of how OEMs will protect their IPs is far from resolved.
Two Firms Move Toward Digital Aircraft Lease Transfers 
Two leasing companies plan to start implementing a system geared toward automating and digitizing critical parts of aircraft lease transitions.
Airbus Rescinds Controversial Royalty Proposal For MROs 
Airbus is backing away from a controversial plan to charge MROs a percentage of their gross invoices, rescinding the proposed mandate a day before the deadline, Aviation Week has learned.
Airbus May Rescind Royalties Proposal For MRO Invoices 
Airline and MRO industry sources say Airbus plans to rescind its unpopular proposal to charge royalties on MRO invoices.
Airbus Internally Split on Royalty Fee Plan 
It appears there was not consensus between the OEM’s customer support and services organization on the controversial fees.
EasyJet Rethinks Equalized Maintenance Program 
Minimizing aircraft downtime is a mantra of MRO, but easyJet is finding that as some of its Airbus aircraft age, the ground-breaking maintenance program that it started using in 2004 to break up big maintenance checks into smaller overnight packages is not working.
TurbineAero Opens New APU Repair Facility In Thailand 
TurbineAero has opened an auxiliary power unit (APU) repair facility outside Bangkok that will allow it to almost double its capacity in Southeast Asia.
MROs Facing Deadline For Signing Airbus’ Royalty Fee Proposal 
Airbus’ proposal for a royalty fee on airframe maintenance providers’ gross invoices has MROs very concerned.
MROs Face Deadline For Signing Airbus’ Royalty Fee Proposal 
Airbus' proposal for a royalty fee on airframe maintenance providers' gross invoices has MROs very concerned.
Required 737NG Inspections Find Issues With Some Aircraft  7
Airlines have inspected 810 older Boeing 737NGs for cracked fuselage parts and turned up issues on 38 aircraft as of Oct. 9, the company said, adding it is working with customers to develop plans and procure parts for aircraft with discrepancies.
Will Blockchain Enable E-commerce For Aircraft Parts Trading? 
Honeywell is one of a growing number of companies using blockchain to develop an online marketplace for aftermarket aircraft parts.
Airbus Plans To Charge Royalty Fees On MRO Invoices 

Airbus notified MRO providers using its technical data that it will start taking a percentage of aftermarket providers’ gross invoices as a royalty fee on top of what the providers pay annually to access the data in the Airbus World platform.

MROs from around the world are alarmed and have called the policy “abusive” and “aggressive.” The royalty fee model applies to all MROs working on Airbus aircraft and using the OEM’s technical data, except those that are owned by an airline and do not perform any third-party work.

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