Afghanistan Requests Close Air Support

by Nicholas Fiorenza
Feb 07, 2017

Afghan National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar requested support from NATO and its partners in the alliance's Resolute Support training mission during a special meeting with the North Atlantic Council at NATO headquarters in Brussels Feb. 7.

Atmar said after the meeting with allied ambassadors that it had discussed improvements in the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and that he had requested support for the four-year roadmap to improve these forces.

The desired support includes not only training but also close air support, which Atmar described as a "key gap" in the ANDSF's capabilities. He requested close air support from the United States until the ANDSF is able to provide it in the longer term. Developing these capabilities "requires time", Atmar pointed out.

Atmar said the ANDSF's requirements include weapons, communications and logistics.

He blamed the increase in Afghan military and civilian casualties in 2016 on the greater number of Afghan and Pakistani terrorists, as well as those from elsewhere in the region and from international networks.

He said Afghanistan had "expressed strong concern" to Russia and Iran over their support of the Taliban.

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on Feb 7, 2017

But wait....they have those Tucano's. There's no way they need more CAS. ;-)

on Feb 8, 2017

NATO has been providing CAS for the Afghans for 16 years. They can't even maintain/use the relatively simple Russian helos that have been bought for them to do so.

Now a eastern politician has convinced the US to buy the Afghans a bunch of more complicated UH60 Blackhawks that they won't be able to maintain. What's next AH-64s?

on Feb 8, 2017

No. F-35s.

on Feb 9, 2017

Afghanistan, like Iraq, has proven what anyone other than idiots knows.

Wars are far harder to end than start.

No doubt additional close air support for Afghanistan would help.

As long as our theoretical ally Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence continues to support the Taliban there will be not final resolution.

on Feb 9, 2017

The JSF should go there to do some testing!

on Feb 15, 2017

Boeing proposes to reboot the OV-10 Bronco. Add a belly turret in 30mm and you've got some efficient CAS aicraft.
Put a serious minefield at Pakistan's border and Afghanistan will be much calmer then...

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