Chinese Navy Z-9s in London

by Nigel Howarth
Oct 04, 2017

With Aviation Week MRO Europe 2017 (#MROE) and Helitech 2017 (#helitech17) taking place simultaneously at London's Excel exhibition centre right now, the visit of several Chinese Navy ships to Canary Wharf has sparked a lot of interest, being so close to the Excel. Several of Aviation Week's photographic team went down to South Quay to get a close-up on the rarely seen Chinese-built Z-9 helicopters carried on the rear decks of two of the ships. The Harbin Z-9 'Haitun' is a licence-built version of the Airbus Helicopters AS365.

The two Navy ships were hosting parties of Chinese visitors at the time of the author's visit, and were not allowing foreign visitors on board.


Each ship sported one Z-9 Haitun on the rear deck.



All photos by Nigel Howarth

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