Spirit Airlines Still Flies In Three Distinct Liveries

by Nigel Howarth
Mar 05, 2018

Low-cost carrier Spirit Airlines is used to fending off criticism from passengers and has recently improved its on-time performance. But why is it sill flying around with three totally different color schemes ? The oldest is from the mid-2000s and has been superseded twice in the past 10 years.

Spirit's "digital-age" pixelated scheme dates from the early 2000s, when it first started receiving Airbuses.

​The silvery-gray scheme lasted a few years before being superseded by the more colorful artwork seen from around 2010 onwards. This multi-colored makeover lasted only 4 or 5 years, attracting many negative comments, though I must say it's my favorite still flying around today.

The current "yellow cab" scheme is totally unmissable and clearly shouts "low cost" to any that see the bright yellow Airbuses. One reason for going to just two colors is to cut down on re-painting costs, but the main one must be the stand-out visibility. If Spirit is happy with the "Bare Fare" yellow colours, isn't it time the older colors quietly disappeared ?


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on Mar 6, 2018

I think interesting how this such renowned Aviation website has missed one of the greatest milestone ever of modern Commercial Aircraft Industry: Triple simultaneous certification (on budget, on time, on spec) of Embraer E2 , on last Feb, 28th , 2018.
No news at all to all of your readers... I saw only one small link with blocked content.
Any comments on this Aviation Week?

on Mar 6, 2018

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on Mar 6, 2018

You don't just go down to Maaco and do a repaint. Delta and United famously had three color schemes at the same time.

on Mar 8, 2018

That last livery (“taxicab”) would make me want to put a brown paper bag over my head when out in public in uniform, if I were a Spirit Pilot. Do their pilots “hide out” in the cockpit, till everyone’s gone? Do they kinda slink in and out of terminal in uniform? It’s bad enough flying for Spirit, now the outfit probably wants to have Ralph Kramdem as its pilot archetype? LOL

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