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Senior International Defense Editor , Aviation Week & Space Technology

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The Case Of The Missing F-117 Parts (2001)

in From The Archives Oct 08, 2015
How AW&ST found out what had happened to the remains of a shot-down F-117....

Aviation Week And The Bomb

in From The Archives Aug 13, 2015
Aviation News did not predict how nuclear weapons would change the world. But neither did anyone else....

Behind That F-35 Air Combat Report

in Ares Jul 06, 2015
The leaked report criticizing the F-35's energy maneuverability is news in itself. But it points to a continuing, 30-year-old debate about the future......

Stealth. 80,000ft. $375 Million A Copy. Did We Say This Was In 1970?

in From The Archives May 06, 2015
Aviation Week's 1970 story on the then-secret Compass Arrow unmanned air vehicle only scratched the surface of one of the era's most interesting......

How To Build a Zero (1945)

in From The Archives Apr 08, 2015
Read our 1945 ultra-detailed four-part dissection of Japan's "workhorse fighter", the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, with detail that would put some homebuilt-......

1957: Broken Arrow

in From The Archives Mar 04, 2015
The most capable interceptor of the 1960s might not have been American or Russian, or even British, French or Swedish....

Rafale - Then (1986) And Now

in From The Archives Jan 13, 2015
The first flight of the Rafale was the start of one of the world's most ambitious weapon programs....

Cuba: Bob Hotz Goes Nuclear On Pentagon Flack (1962)

in From The Archives Jan 07, 2015
Aviation Week's editor was not the only one with a low opinion of Robert McNamara's PR man....

Marines Shift F-35 Deployment Plans

in Ares Dec 04, 2014
New Marine Conops for F-35 force solves some operational problems but raises a few challenges -- along with some Cold War echoes....

You Say You Want A Revolution

in Ares Oct 30, 2014
This may be the first time you've heard of Third Offset, but it won't be the last....
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