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Airbus' 127 Aircraft Deliveries In December Is Another Record

in Things With Wings Feb 08, 2018
Airbus delivered 127 aircraft in December 2017, setting yet another record for the most commercial jet aircraft delivered by a manufacturer in a......

Delta's Second Farewell To The Boeing 747

in Things With Wings Sep 25, 2017
Delta is saying goodbye to the Boeing 747 later this year, but this farewell is Delta's second for the iconic aircraft having already disposed of the......

Airbus' 111 Deliveries in December is a Record

in Things With Wings Jan 20, 2017
Airbus' 111 deliveries beat previous months by a wide margin, no doubt helped in part by A350s and A320neos that had backed up during the year due to......

Airbus, Boeing Focus on Different Aircraft Delivery Targets

in Things With Wings Jan 12, 2017
Aircraft are not delivered at a steady monthly rate as might be implied by manufacturer's announced monthly production rates....

In Pictures: First U.S.-Built Airbus Delivered

in Things With Wings Apr 26, 2016
Airbus delivered their first U.S.-built aircraft to JetBlue Airways on Monday. The A321-200, sporting tail number N965JT, was handed over to JetBlue......

Jumping On The (Jet)Blue Bandwagon

in Things With Wings Mar 28, 2016
Has the word 'blue' always been used in airline names or was JetBlue Airways a trendsetter after its U.S. launch in the late 1990s?...

Jet Airliner Certification Lengths Throughout History

in Things With Wings Feb 15, 2016
Certifying and delivering a jet airliner even by modern and experienced manufacturers is challenging to say the least. Not since the 777 in the mid-......

Friday Trivia: Top 10 Oldest Jet Airliner Tail Numbers

in Things With Wings Jan 21, 2016
Some aircraft have the distinction of having the same tail number since delivery from the manufacturer, even after having been flown by multiple......

Watch A Retired Boeing 727 In Action As A Fire & Rescue Trainer

in Things With Wings Nov 06, 2015
I was recently given the opportunity to observe a full scale mock disaster response exercise using a Boeing 727 donated by Fedex....

FedEx's Falcon 20 Still 'Flying' After 42 Years

in Things With Wings Aug 13, 2015
N9FE, one of FedEx's original Falcon 20s, is still "flying" inside the Greenway Aviation Trading Center in Memphis....
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