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Senior Avionics & Safety Editor , Aviation Week & Space Technology

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Flying Into AirVenture 2017 At Oshkosh

in Things With Wings Jul 27, 2017
Join Aviation Week's John Croft for a quick view of the ride into Oshkosh's Wittman Field for the 2017 AirVenture show. Croft and passenger......

Living Room Connectivity at 24,000 ft

in Things With Wings Jul 19, 2017
High-speed broadband is pretty much a standard feature in every living room or office, but until lately, not so much in the cabin of an airliner....

Skyhawk Prang: Lining Up Swiss Cheese Holes

in Things With Wings Dec 05, 2016
Checklists, procedures and aircraft design are generally pretty good at helping pilots catch errors that could lead to an accident. But when a......

POTUS Polka In the Sky

in Things With Wings Oct 28, 2016
To Polka is to do a whole lotta fancy footwork. A new audit by the Government Accountability Office shows that the same is required when military and......

Vulture Disaster: Bad Luck, Poor Planning or Fate?

in Things With Wings Oct 11, 2016
A basic tenet of pre-flight planning is to “become familiar with all available information concerning that flight….” That’s a tall order given the......

Third Generation Flying Eye Hospital Set For Departure

in Things With Wings Aug 24, 2016
Orbis International is planning to take its “new” Boeing MD-10 Flying Eye hospital on its inaugural work trip next month, a back-to-the-future......

Scarecrow Patrol Goes Awry for J-5A Cub

in Things With Wings May 09, 2016
I’m not sure which is a more far-fetched – that farmers in Florida use Piper J-5A Cubs to buzz corn fields at 5-15 ft. altitude to scare off birds,......

Database Error Complicit In Turkish Airlines Landing Accident

in Things With Wings Nov 27, 2015
GIGO reared its head in the runway excursion by a Turkish Airlines A330-300 at Kathmandu in March. No one was killed but a very beautiful and......

1953 Honeywell Advertisement Magazine Cover

in From The Archives May 08, 2015
The control system theory that makes for precision autoflight control of today’s modern jetliners is taken for granted, but in 1953 – only 30 years......

Vantage Searches For An Advantage

in Things With Wings May 07, 2015
It's easy to see why the composite machine turns heads; it sits high on a fighter-jet type landing gear, has a spaceship-like cockpit and those......
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