As further acknowledgement of the ongoing shortage of commercial pilots, Republic Airways recently announced it will open a “Leadership in Flight Training Academy” in Indianapolis.

Further, it said it would equip the school with a fleet of 50 Diamond Aircraft DA40 NG and DA43-VI training aircraft. Aircraft deliveries are to begin this year and conclude in 2019. The trainers are fitted with the Austro AE300 diesel piston engine, which can burn Jet-A fuel.

The carrier said it will become the only regional to operate an academy designed to create a direct-to-hire path for its students. The company says it will partner with local schools and others in the community to provide “intellectually curious, aspiring aviators” a pathway to a career with Republic.

Meanwhile, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology has partnered with Mesa Airlines to provide a pathway for its students to gain employment with the carrier. As a “cadet,” qualified students receive a $10,000 loan from Mesa, which is forgiven, along with interest, after graduation from the Tulsa, Oklahoma, college and the completion of one year of employment with the airline.