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Watch: Can Augmented Reality Help Helicopter Pilots Stay Safe?

Jan 12, 2017

Aviation Week Avionics and Safety Editor John Croft samples an Airbus vision system designed to provide helicopter pilots with cues needed to fly more safely at night and in degraded visual environments, including brownout and whiteout. The flight took place out of the Marana Regional Airport near Tucson on Sept. 27, 2016.

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on Jan 12, 2017

All witch helps pilots to stay safe should be implemented, but not forgetting that the first tool to stay safe is the pilot itself!

on Jan 12, 2017

A great view through the pilot's eyes. Increasing safety and situational awareness- thumbs up!

on Jan 12, 2017

This system is impressive. I think it is a big step towards giving the helicopter aviator an effective visual aid for degraded visual environments. I have one question. How much extra training is required to qualify the pilot to safely use the system?

on Jan 12, 2017

This particular system is a research project, but certain components (obstacle detection using Lidar) are already in use in military and civilian helos.

on Jan 12, 2017

The system is designed to be an "eyes out of window" system. The transition in and out of DVE does not require a shift in scan pattern. I found it very easy to adapt to because it draws on a strength of humans, visual dominance, through use of 3D conformal visual cues.

on Jan 13, 2017

Jesus is my Copilot. In a Godless Commie bird no less. Love it!

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