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Defense 2017 Highlights

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on Dec 28, 2017

Any news of the transport-tanker KC-390 ?

on Dec 28, 2017

Its about to go operation I believe.

I don't really see this as a year of any significance.

F-35 is sill in the pits.

What's the point of German French collaboration (again, can you say Tiger, NH, A400 busts) when the Germans don't maintain what they have? All their subs are broken right now and all of 97 Leopard read for combat.

A lot of we have launched stuff, trainers, Turkey etc, when it gets in the air and into production and has some numbers that gets significant.

Russia? - re trenching and modified existing, fighters, tanks etc. The PA is on very low simmer, so is the Amereta tank line and variations.

on Dec 29, 2017

Maybe Turkey's TF-X will be ready in time to win the oft-delayed Canadian CF-18 replacement contest...

on Dec 29, 2017

Erdogan's assertion of control over the defense industry at least assures plenty of family skimming. Announcements of Franco-German collaboration may be a broad reminder to the UK of the costs of Brexit (it's hard to imagine the UK alone having the money to develop a follow-on aircraft to Typhoon). The status of the F-35, as it crawls toward usability, is probably the most significant development of the year.

on Jan 2, 2018

you have to consider the reasons for Brexit in the first place. UK ended up outmaneuvered and marginalized at the EU by France and Germany. This is the legacy of WW2 where the so called "winner" and losers ended up swapping places.

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