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Podcast: Quiet SuperSonics To Printed Engines at AIAA SciTech

Jan 10, 2018

Propulsion for quiet supersonic airliners, industry’s digital transformation and GE’s vision for additive manufacturing are the topics discussed by Aviation Week’s Guy Norris and Graham Warwick in the first of three Check 6 podcasts recorded live from the exhibit floor at AIAA’s SciTech 2018 conference in Kissimmee, Florida.

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Photo: NASA/Lockheed Martin

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on Jan 11, 2018

Turbofans below the wing for high-angle-of-attack take-off and climb to 25,000 feet.
An high-pressure-ratio (ear-shattering) turbojet above the wing and between the twin vertical stabilizers to fence in the noise. The centerline engine is optimized for low-angle-of-attack, high-altitude climb and cruise. The looong nose spike keeps the entire airframe within the shock cone.

on Jan 11, 2018

In 2016 America, riding in the Aerospace bus grabbed the ejection lever and pulled hard. bang, off went the roof. Kapow, the Elephant went flying out of the future and into history. Looking up the Elephant spied the Godless Commie Liberal Parachute, and grabbed the passionate pink riser cutter and quickly slashed the commie liberal risers freeing nature to take control of it's survival,

Following the suicide of the Elephant the Jackass took over but was only able to save it's programs because of the tax cuts did not allow everything to be saved . . .

Moral: If you are in Aerospace Engineering school be certain to take courses in Chinese.

on Jan 11, 2018

Step away from the meds Mark.

on Jan 11, 2018

I worked at Pratt & Whitney for nearly 40 years. During my time there, I spent almost a year, as I recall, working on a 'duct burning' turbofan engine that was to power a Mach 3+ supersonic airliner...Well, as you know the supersonic airliner went away...and so did the effort at Pratt to develop a 'duct burning' turbofan engine. However, I did have a GREAT time at Pratt and the Aviation community, meeting and working with so many talented people..... and the supersonic airliner WILL happen!

on Jan 12, 2018

Hate to be the one to tell you this but... the supersonic airliner already happened.

on Jan 15, 2018

It looks lots of people keep themselves busy re-inventing Concorde...

on Jan 17, 2018

In the airlines, economic rules. Large scale supersonic travel will never happen unless some mode of significantly cheaper propulsion happens.

Supersonic commercial travel may happen for biz jets but I doubt it.

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