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Why A&D CEOs May Be Happy To No Longer Counsel Trump

Aug 16, 2017
Why is it good to let go of Trump's business councils? Two words: Millennial recruitment....

Apollo 17's Gene Cernan Remembered

Jan 18, 2017
The death of Eugene Cernan, commander of Apollo 17 and the last human to stand on the lunar surface, has prompted a global reaction....

Editor’s Perspective: My John Glenn Story

Dec 13, 2016
Aviation Week's Editor-in-Chief had his first exchange with John Glenn when he was 12 years old. The topic: Air Force One....

Trump Carrier Impact: Faster Automation

Dec 01, 2016
The president-elect just sped up automation in A&D manufacturing....

SpaceX to Launch SES-9 Atop Falcon 9

Feb 23, 2016
SpaceX is ready to launch the SES-9 commercial communications satellite for Luxembourg fleet operator SES on Feb. 24. But the Hawthorne, Calif.-...

North Pole of Saturn's Moon Enceladus Seen In Fresh Detail

Oct 19, 2015
Scientists expected the north polar region of Enceladus to be heavily cratered, based on low-resolution images from the Voyager mission, but the new...

NASA Offers Its Patents To Start-ups

Oct 12, 2015
NASA is offering commercial startups initial no fee access to hundreds of its patented technologies as a means of creating greater access to new U. S...

Russian Progress International Space Station Cargo Delivery a Success

Oct 01, 2015
"A flawless six hour journey for the Progress 61 vehicle, every step of the way," said Rob Navias, NASA public affairs officer, from the agency's...

The Martian's NASA Landing Successful

Sep 17, 2015
"We never forget how serious the physics is," Rex Walheim, who leads the exploration branch of NASA's astronaut office, told his Hollywood guests. "...

Soyuz Landing Returns Russian Record Setter

Sep 11, 2015
"That's it guys," Soyuz commander Gennady Padalka told crewmates moments before touchdown. "You can relax now."...

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Reveals Mysterious Bright Spots On Planet Ceres 

Sep 10, 2015
New imagery from NASA's Dawn mission spacecraft reveals the ever increasing mystique of the dwarf planet Ceres and its gleaming white spots....

Strange Crater Shape Leads to Enormous Mars Underground Ice Discovery

Aug 31, 2015
"Craters should be bowl shaped, but this one had terraces," said Ali Bramson, University of Arizona graduate student researcher....

U. S. Astronauts Ready To Taste Space Greenhouse Lettuce

Aug 07, 2015
NASA specialists recently signaled the all clear for nibbling....

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Maneuvers For InSight

Jul 30, 2015
"This will put us in the right place at the right time," said Dan Johnston, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter project manager....

ISS Resumes Six Person Operations With Soyuz Crew Arrival

Jul 22, 2015
"The vehicle is now safely docked to the International Space Station," said Kyle Herring, NASA public affairs officer, positioned in the agency's...
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