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U. S., Russian, U. S. Soyuz Crew Set to Lift Off For International Space Station

May 14, 2012
Russia's 30 Soyuz mission spacecraft is poised to lift off late Monday for the International Space Station with NASA astronaut Joe Acaba and...

SpaceX Aims For May 19 Lift Off of First U. S. Commercial Space Station Resupply Mission

May 07, 2012
SpaceX is looking to May 19, with May 22 as a backup, for the launch of the first U. S. commercial re-supply mission to the International Space...

ESA to Launch Industry: Prove It

May 07, 2012
The European Space Agency (ESA) has given its industry partners until mid-May to propose creative acquisition strategies for developing and buying a...

Kazakh dispute with Russia Delays MetOp-B Launch

Apr 27, 2012
A dispute between Russia and Kazakhstan over debris from Soyuz rocket lower stages has forced an indefinite postponement of the launch of Europe's...

Soyuz De-Orbit Burn Complete, Three Man Crew Descending into Kazakhstan

Apr 27, 2012
Russia's 28 Soyuz mission spacecraft completed a 4 1/2 minute braking maneuver early Friday, initiating the capsule's descent into Central Asia with...

ESA's Solar Orbiter Moves Ahead With De-scoped NASA Participation

Apr 27, 2012
NASA's funding woes continue to have an impact on the European Space Agency (ESA) as it presses ahead with plans to launch a next-generation solar...

Three Man Space Station Soyuz Crew Touches Down Safely in Kazakhstan

Apr 27, 2012
Russia's 28 Soyuz mission spacecraft has touched down under parachute in remote Kazakhstan, bringing a safe conclusion to a 166-day flight to the...

U.S., Russian Trio Depart International Space Station, Prepare to Descend to Earth

Apr 27, 2012
Three of the International Space Station's six crew members, commander Dan Burbank, of NASA, and Anton Shkaplerov and Anatoli Ivanishin, Russian...

Our Vanguard Moment

Apr 25, 2012
The Space Race, one of many fronts of the Cold War, began in earnest on July 29, 1955, when President Eisenhower publicly announced Project Vanguard...

ILS Proton Lofts UAE's Third Satellite

Apr 25, 2012
An International Launch Services (ILS) Proton rocket with a Breeze M upper stage carried the UAE's Yahsat 1B (Y1B) satellite to geostationary...
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