Blue Origin Offers Priority for Repeat Riders

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on Jul 27, 2017

Let's hear it for free enterprise. Here it comes - frequent (high) flier miles. Private enterprise plus innovation and the re-usable boosters will put the expendable launchers straight into the museum. In typical government - NASA - fervency, it's STS system tried to go too far to soon (without congressional support). I just hope this private effort does not come with a government "mail" subsidy.

on Jul 29, 2017

I mainly read the article to make sure it wasn't a clever parody.

"Priority on future flights" implies that Blue Origin expects a backlog on its launch order book anytime soon, which made me smile.

on Jul 31, 2017

Interesting - Been there, Done that? Another free enterprise consideration.
Is there a place you want to visit each year? Is Sub Orbital or NEO the next "Magic Kingdom"?

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