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New Aircraft On Display At The Paris Air Show

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on Jun 14, 2017

I read that the F 35 was having Oxygen Issues, Has that been resolved? Would be bad for the pilot. .

on Jun 14, 2017

it is reported the F35 fleet in Arizona remains grounded while they figure out why pilots are suffering from Oxygen depravation similar to the F22 from years ago.

on Jun 17, 2017

Let's hope the one in Paris won't get hypoxia while doing it's pseudo aerobatics : we already had enough at the Bataclan or in Nice, coming from the US' "friends" in the Gulf, we don't need the druT to crash on our public.
Especially as, having seen a footage of the rehearsal, it'll be far from impressive...

on Jun 14, 2017

Is the A 321 capable of a transatlantic flight? This may be a low cost solution for airlines flying transatlantic routes on the North Atlantic track system.

on Jun 14, 2017

The new A321Neo has that range. The Icelandic carrier Wow Air plans to fly them transatlantic.

on Jun 14, 2017

Interesting the Sikorsky S-97 Raider is not making an appearance (as far as I know).

on Jun 14, 2017

The On-Board Oxygen Generation System of the F-35 is showing similar problems to the similar systems on the F/A-18 and F-22.

The On-Board Oxygen Generation System replaces Gaseous Oxygen and Liquid Oxygen systems.

And not all aircraft using the OBOGS have had trouble.

It would n be nice if someone could figure out why some do.

While not unpleasant, hypoxia is sometimes fatal.

on Jun 17, 2017

"And not all aircraft using the OBOGS have had trouble."
>>>> Yes, the one on Rafale works well.
It happens only with Lockheed, go figure why!

"It would n be nice if someone could figure out why some do."
>>>> Send a F-22 and a F-35 to Dassault plant, they're the best consultant you can find to fix flaws in aircraft.

on Jun 16, 2017

F-35 Program needs to be cancelled immediately. 25 Years of Development. Stealth is Dead!!! 2.0 Trillion Dollars spent and will be spent to provide Wall Street and Lockheed Martin funds for a platform that states on paper it has the capability to do EVERYTHING. In FACT in cannot DO ANYTHING and has more issues with the Hardware and SOFTWARE than any system in DoD History. It took us 10 years to travel to the MOON. It has take 25 years with the F-35 to find out during DT/OT that an F-16 and others can EAT THIS PLATFORM all day long. DOJ and IG (evaluations already reviewed along with Senator John McCain's comments) needs to investigate.

on Jun 16, 2017

Since you are an expert on the Apollo program you should also recognize that warfighting - and congressional funding - have changed dramatically in 50 years. Gone are the days when we trust the visionaries, scientists and engineers to innovate and create new value. Today it has to be debated, negotiated, delayed and socialized among the bloggers so that everyone gets their selfish ways.

on Jun 17, 2017

user-3393232 : but LockMart are real visionaries! Madoff's a pussy compared to them! And they'll even manage to get away with it!

on Jun 20, 2017

We must terminate PAK FA program. This Russian attempt at stealth has inadequate stealth characteristics, inadequate engines, inadequate electronic suite, is years overdue, yet another 2 year delay, wasteful to Russia's scarce resources. Traitors to mother Russia in charge of this failed program should be forcefully interrogated, err, interviewed by FSB and GRU, to get to the bottom of this and the program should be immediately cancelled. Stealth is dead!

on Jun 19, 2017

"F-35 Program needs to be cancelled immediately."
- E. Wolkerstorfer

And what do we replace it with?

"25 Years of Development."
- E. Wolkerstorfer

Yes, and the firm of USAF & LM will take another quarter century to replace it. So what do we build in the meantime? 50 year old designs to become 75 year old designs before they stop being front line?

"Stealth is Dead!!!"
- E. Wolkerstorfer

I have sincere technical doubts about stealth but I have seen no evidence it is "dead."

"It has take 25 years with the F-35 to find out during DT/OT that an F-16 and others can EAT THIS PLATFORM all day long."
- E. Wolkerstorfer

I have been following the program since the 1990s and there is insufficient data to conclude such. There is insufficient data to conclude otherwise. But there is sufficient evidence to conclude the F-35 has great potential.

"It took us 10 years to travel to the MOON."
- E. Wolkerstorfer

We went to the moon on 4% of the federal budget and no concern with the long term picture.

Then for the next decade liberals (mostly) bleated "if we can go to theMoon why can't . . ." Going to the Moon was a technical problem solvable with current technology and lots of money."

Justifying going to the Moon was the real problem. The Cold War was the justification and the Kennedy assassination provided the Trans Lunar Insertion.

The RFP for the F-35 was clearly NOT able to be fulfilled with existing technology. Nor was the JSF fly off a test of ability to fill the F-35 RFP.

Can the F-35 walk on water and perform amazing feats of prestidigitation besides making money disappear?


Can it "cannot DO ANYTHING . . ."?

Give us a break.

With the exception of the F-35C most physical problems are under control and and the software problems are getting there.

Commander Coder understands "why won't this machine do what I want it to to do instead of what I tell it to do"?

I understand why this article deserves four and one half shovels on the Bravo Sierra scale. I also understand that the USAF still cannot perform the F-35 at the Paris Airshow.

But it is there.

on Jun 22, 2017

L3 Longsword - can you say Crop Duster?

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