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Mark Lincoln

Grand Panjandrum, Quantum Mechanic

Skills: survival

Career Summary:

Retired Computer Nerd


Practicing historian and crusty old crank.


Afflictions: High blood pressure, slight vertigo, acute sarcasm and persistant memory.


Physical description: middle sized, grey hair, unfashionabley dressed; open carry - logic on the left hip, rhetoric on the right.


Age: No birthday cakes, the fire department refuses to issue a permit.


Favorite Pastimes: Historical Research, Pontification ex cathedra.


Most Influenced by: Mame Dennis


Favorite Book: I Libertine


Favorite Philosopher: Diogenes


Personal Philosophy: Epicurean Hedonist and profound Skepticism.


Religion: Lack enough belief to be an Atheist as an absence of evidence is not evidence of abscence.


Current Goal: To beat the Grim Reaper at chess, or at least Twister.


Specialties: Humor, sarcasm, skepticism

Current Roles:

Discomforting the comfortable, Pointed Popping of Pomposity


98.6, Trump University, Brigadoon Campus


Certified Confounder, University of Hard Knocks