Flexible Shafts: Transmitting Rotary Motion Over, Under, and Around Obstacles

Flexible shafts transmit rotary motion much like a solid shaft, but can be routed over, under and around obstacles where a solid shaft cannot be used. Ideal for use in an aircraft, flex shafts are frequently used to extend and retract flaps and slats, remotely open and close bay doors on an aircraft. They also are optimal sync shafts for thrust reverser systems.


Fabricated from high carbon or corrosion-resistant steel, Elliott flexible shafts address the special conditions in an aircraft, like extreme temperature ranges, chemicals, moisture, intense torque load and continuous operation at high speeds. We can produce flex shafts as small as 3/16 of an inch or as large as 3/4 of an inch, and the shape of the core fitting can be customized.

Products used in the aerospace industry must meet stringent customer and industry standards. That’s why Elliott’s high-quality requirements, with inspections at multiple stages of the manufacturing process, ensure these critical components meet top specifications. Choosing Elliott offers additional advantages for aerospace industry customers:

  • Knowledge and experience
    • More than 75 years of experience in the aerospace industry
    • Established performance and reliability
    • Skilled solutions for legacy and new aircraft components
    • Leader in innovative, technological advancements to optimize efficient performance, including materials, methods, coatings, lubricants, tribology and interfaces
    • Technical engineering support available throughout product lifecycle
  • Quick-to-market solutions
    • In-house capabilities compress design-to-manufacture timeline
    • Vertically integrated, including proprietary core winding equipment, advanced casing manufacturing processes and sophisticated machining capabilities
  • Top performance and on-time delivery
    • Quality ensured by complying with inspection plans and methods, and a customer-approved acceptance test procedures
    • Industry certified (ISO, DEFAR, BAA, ITAR, AS9100 and CAGE codes)
    • 100% serialization of all parts for airworthy traceability
    • Invested in continuous process improvements
    • Electronic Data Interchange and portal management helps maintain on-time delivery
  • Unique capabilities  
    • Extensive engineering: Concept, design and development (life, performance and validation testing)
    • Prototyping, fabrication, assembly and testing all in house
    • Material traceability back to original ingot to ensure country of origin
    • Broad range of materials, core constructions and sizes
    • Ability to design and produce complex parts, including unique interface designs

To learn more about Elliott’s product range or to connect with our team of experts, visit elliottmfg.com.