FAA To Fund $200 Million In Airfield Lighting Projects At U.S. Airports

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Credit: Stock Connection Blue/Alamy Stock Photo

The U.S. FAA will allocate more than $200 million in funds to airports across the country for runway lighting projects, in the latest tranche of money from the agency intended to improve safety and mitigate runway incursions and other airfield incidents.

The funds will be spread among 82 airports and come via the infrastructure legislation passed by Congress in 2021. “The projects will purchase and install new lighting for runways and taxiways to keep operations safe during reduced and low visibility and night conditions,” the FAA says in a statement.

Denver International Airport will receive $30.6 million to reconstruct lighting systems on a runway and a taxiway. Memphis International Airport, the home hub of FedEx Corp.’s global air cargo operations, will receive $27 million from the FAA for airfield lighting projects. Other airports set to benefit include Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International (with funds of nearly $8 million) and Raleigh-Durham International in North Carolina ($1.4 million).

“We’re acting to improve lighting systems at 82 airports, an important part of keeping aircraft moving safely, no matter the time of day or weather,” U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg says.

The FAA funds come a month after the agency allocated $121 million to U.S. airports for runway and taxiway projects. The FAA also granted $100 million to U.S. airports in May for airfield projects.

“Ensuring our pilots can safely navigate runways and taxiways with adequate and improved lighting systems is a top priority as we continue our focus on runway safety initiatives,” FAA Associate Administrator for Airports Shannetta Griffin says.

Aaron Karp

Aaron Karp is a Contributing Editor to the Aviation Week Network.