James Albright


He is a retired U.S. Air Force pilot with time in the T-37B, T-38A, KC-135A, EC-135J (Boeing 707), E-4B (Boeing 747) and C-20A/B/C (Gulfstream III). Since turning civilian, he has flown the CL-604, Gulfstream GIV, GV, G450, and now the GVII-G500. He is the webmaster and principal author at Code7700.com


Viewpoint: It’s Time To Rethink Warbird Flights At Airshows

By James Albright Nov 23, 2022
Was the loss of life and aircraft justified by the entertainment value of the airshow crowd?
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Maximizing Privacy In Spite of ADS-B Surveillance

By James Albright Nov 01, 2022
How do we prevent everyone from the paparazzi to persons of possible ill intent from tracking our aircraft’s movement?
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Privacy in an ADS-B Era

By James Albright Oct 19, 2022
Tools that bring safety can also expose private information.