Kim Minseok

South Korea Correspondent

Seoul, South Korea


Kim Minseok covers South Korean defense. He has worked as a journalist for South Korean military magazines Military Review and Defense Times. Mr Kim is also a research fellow at the Korea Defense and Security Forum, a think tank.


North Korea Claims Successful Hwasong-17 Launch

By Kim Minseok Nov 21, 2022
The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff reported that the missile flew for 1,000 km (600 mi.), reaching a maximum speed of Mach 22. 
Missile Defense & Weapons

South Korea Unveils ‘Bunker Buster’ As North Ramps Up Missile Tests

By Kim Minseok Oct 04, 2022
Seoul's introduction of Hyunmoo-5 (V), a short-range ballistic missile designed for retaliation against North Korean strategic installations in the event of a conflict, came as Pyongyang conducted its fifth test in the space of a week
Missile Defense & Weapons

KAL ASD Details ‘Loyal Wingman’ Capabilities As KAI Enters The Fray

By Kim Minseok Sep 27, 2022
Korean Airlines Aerospace Division has released more details concerning its KUS-LW “loyal wingman” concept, weeks after the company was chosen to design a low-observable unmanned wingman technology demonstrator for the Republic of Korea Air Force. 
Aircraft & Propulsion