Replace & Customize: EFW Becoming An Aftermarket Composite Specialist

The aviation aftermarket covers a wide range of services – from inspection, maintenance, repair, modification and overhaul of the aircraft to the supply of spare parts, accessories, raw materials and other consumables. The MRO market accounts for about three quarters of the aircraft production market. It is a growing market with an increasing trend, experiencing greater acceptance and growing market share worldwide.

EFWs way from the OEM composite supplier into the aftermarket

EFW is active in the OEM business as first tier supplier of PAX and cargo floor panels and linings as well as cabin interiors for the entire Airbus family. In addition, EFW supplies spare parts to airlines and MROs in the aftermarket – therefore the differences but also the challenges are well known.

Differences & Challenges

The OEM customer usually has centralized locations or is distributed to only a few sites. Supplier provide them with complete shipsets of products certified to OEM procedures. In the aftermarket, on the other hand, there are various customers or customer groups, including airlines and MROs, which carry out their MRO activities at a wide variety of internationally distributed locations. Aftermarket products are qualified for customers through alternative certification processes or EPA/PMA certification. EFW as an EASA approved design and production organization has the capabilities to offer the customer comprehensive solutions from design, certification and qualification to production and delivery. 

With 30 years of experience, EFW can offer both OEM and aftermarket customers composite products that meet the highest quality and best product performance demanded by both. Product availability, however, differs between the two businesses. Since parts are needed as quickly as possible during MRO activities, the lead time here is only 5-10 days – in the OEM business, on the other hand, it is 60-90 days. This indicates the different levels of flexibility required by the service providers and suppliers in the respective businesses. Flexibility in terms of quick service, but also in terms of price. By working directly with its customers, EFW can offer price-optimized solutions.

Same but better – Fitting your needs.

In the aftermarket, EFW offers customers a broad product portfolio from Replacement Panels to Customized Parts. Replacement Panels, such as floor panels, linings and partitions, work as drop-in solution, with a 100% same geometry as OEM panels meeting all specifications and technical requirements. Customized parts range from flat panels and cabin interiors up to fully equipped monuments and complete shipsets for cabin modifications and refurbishments – designed and produced according to customers' specifications.


Looking into the future

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a 100% recovery of the aviation market is not expected before 2024. Therefore, price sensitivity is increasing and operators seek for tailored solutions to keep their aircraft operational in the meantime. For this reason, it is to be expected that the acceptance of alternative spare parts will increase more and more. EFW, as centre of competence for composites, is focusing on leveraging its deep knowledge to support airlines facing market challenges that require cost reductions and supply chain changes. 

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