Finnair Outlines Plans To Refit Its Embraers

finnair norra embraer e190 2
Credit: Finnair

Finnair plans to refurbish its fleet of Embraer E190 crossover jets, as it aims to bring them into line with its earlier refit of its widebody fleet.

The Nordic carrier has 12 E190s, which are operated on its behalf by Nordic Regional Airlines (Norra). The 100-seat aircraft serve both domestic and short-haul international routes, but also venture as far south as Italy and Croatia, sectors of three to four hours.

Details of the refit have not yet been released, but will involve a completely new cabin interior, including seats and curtains. 

The new cabin aims to move away from the carrier’s traditional shades of whites, grays and cream towards the more colorful palette of deep blues already introduced on its widebody fleet.

“We want to improve travel comfort and provide our customers with a high-quality travel experience across our route network,” Finnair’s CCO, Ole Orvér said.

“We will bring similar elements and feeling to our Embraer fleet as we have used in our previously redesigned Airbus wide-body aircraft.”

Modification of the first aircraft is planned to start in autumn 2024, some months later than initially planned. The initial refitted aircraft should be in service by the end of the year and the goal is to have all the Embraers renewed during 2025.

Alan Dron

Based in London, Alan is Europe & Middle East correspondent at Air Transport World.