Inside MRO News Briefs And Contracts, December 2022

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Dec 07, 2022
Sanad center of excellence and AMECO-EFW freighter conversions feature in this month’s Contracts and Briefs.
Supply Chain

Supply, Workforce Issues Linger In Europe’s Aftermarket

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Dec 05, 2022
Some of the key takeaways from Aviation Week’s October MRO Europe event in London.
Supply Chain

Deferred Checks, Freighter Conversion Demand Boost 777 MRO Market

Keith Mwanalushi Dec 02, 2022
Deferred checks should spark a post-pandemic boost for Boeing 777 maintenance.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Opinion: MRO Robots Still Require Human Oversight

Brett Levanto Dec 01, 2022
Complex automated systems are gaining traction in MRO, but they will still need human oversight.
Emerging Technologies

Windscreen OEMs Push Performance, Durability, Sustainability Advances

By Paul Seidenman Nov 30, 2022
New aircraft windscreens are incorporating materials and designs aimed at improving both performance and sustainability.
Emerging Technologies

Composite Repair Developments Heat Up Aviation’s Aftermarket

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 29, 2022
Composite specialists are leveraging digital technologies and equipment upgrades to make repairs more efficient.

Opinion: Constrained Green-Time Engines Market Requires Cooperation

Laura Roke Nov 29, 2022
Reaching full recovery in the green-time engines market will require creative solutions and cooperation among airlines, lessors and MROs.
Services & Support

Blockchain For The Aftermarket: Not Dead Yet

By Henry Canaday Nov 04, 2022
Despite ongoing blockchain initiatives, why MRO stakeholders remain skeptical about its widespread adoption.
Emerging Technologies

Inside MRO News Briefs And Contracts, November 2022

Nov 04, 2022
Major MRO providers see improving results as recovery proceeds and freighter conversions continue to ramp up.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Lessors Juggle Technical Oversight Challenges As Traffic Recovers

By Alex Derber Nov 04, 2022
Lessors were put in an unprecedented position during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and forced to find increasingly creative ways to support…

Nacelle Advancements Seek Greater Durability, Sustainability

By Paul Seidenman Nov 03, 2022
Nacelle OEMs are expanding the use of composites as they optimize designs.
Aircraft & Propulsion

GTF Market Size And Upcoming Maintenance Outlook

By Alex Derber Nov 03, 2022
Inside MRO assesses the market for Pratt & Whitney’s flagship engine and how maintenance demand for the geared turbofan is likely to evolve.
Aircraft & Propulsion

How European LCCs Are Planning For Post-pandemic MRO

Nov 03, 2022
As passenger traffic recovers, LCCs in Europe discuss their plans and needs for MRO services.
Supply Chain

U.S. Industry Divided On Secondary Cockpit Barriers

By Sean Broderick Nov 02, 2022
Secondary barriers are coming to U.S.-registered air transport aircraft, but impact of rules remains to be seen.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

How MAB Engineering’s Digital Transformation Is Paying Off

By Lee Ann Shay Nov 02, 2022
MAB Engineering’s adoption of digital methods is improving efficiency and results, despite challenges.
Emerging Technologies

How To Alleviate Aviation Supply Chain Bottlenecks

By Lee Ann Shay Nov 01, 2022
Steps Boeing is taking to stabilize its supply chain can be a lesson for others.
Supply Chain

Opinion: OEMs Will Play Critical Role In Establishing AAM’s Aftermarket

Joshua Ng Nov 01, 2022
Establishing maintenance and aftermarket supply chains will be crucial to ensuring AAM manufacturers’ success.
Supply Chain

Opinion: FAA’s Aviation Safety Organization Needs Fundamentals Refresh

Nov 01, 2022
Changes in FAA bureaucracy and leadership are making it difficult for industry to maintain compliance.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Marketplace: Engine MROs Grow Capabilities, Market Footprint

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 01, 2022
Engine MROs are boosting offerings for next-gen engines and technologies through the addition of new capabilities, facilities and staff.

One Thing You Should Do To Overcome MRO Hurdle

By Lee Ann Shay Oct 07, 2022
To properly plan and execute MRO, maybe it’s time to brush up this skill, especially if you’re working across countries.

Engine Maintenance Activity Is Slowly Bouncing Back

By James Pozzi Oct 06, 2022
More widebody flying will help engine maintenance activity reach pre-downturn levels, but likely not for a few years.

Sluggish Workforce Growth Drives New MRO Recruitment Tactics

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Oct 05, 2022
MROs battle stagnant growth in the workforce pipeline as demand for new technicians continues to increase.
Workforce & Training

Inside MRO News Briefs And Contracts, October 2022

Oct 05, 2022
EU Rule Change Could Give Airlines Access to Aircraft Data Lufthansa has flagged a potential sea-change in aircraft-data access, triggered by a…
Supply Chain

Opinion: Airlines Must Develop Resilient Supply Chain Strategies

Peter Kjeldsen Oct 05, 2022
Formulating the right supply chain strategy will be key in returning aircraft to service.

Next-Gen Cockpit Voice Recorders Boost Time, Data Capabilities

By Paul Seidenman Oct 05, 2022
Next-gen cockpit voice recorders are extending recording times and becoming more flight data recorder-integrated.