Boeing Wins $1.6 Billion U.S. Air Force KC-46 Order

By Lee Hudson Jan 13, 2021
The U.S. Air Force has awarded Boeing a $1.6 billion contract modification for 12 KC-46A tanker aircraft and anticipates the work will wrap up in April 2023.
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U.S. Army Opens 5-Year Search For Stinger Missile Replacement

By Steve Trimble Nov 11, 2020
The sources sought notice asked interested companies to supply a wide range of information, such as a rough order of magnitude estimate for the cost and schedule of developing and delivering up 8,000 missiles. 
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U.S. State Dept. Clears Controversial $23B Arms Deal To UAE

Nov 10, 2020
The combined package worth nearly $23.4 billion still needs to be approved by Congress, where some lawmakers have already voiced objections. 
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U.S. Space Force Chief Releases Inaugural Planning Guidance

By Lee Hudson Nov 10, 2020
U.S. Chief of Space Operations Gen. John Raymond has focused the Space Force’s inaugural year on investing in resiliency, building next-generation capabilities and the establishment of a Space Warfighting Analysis Center.
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Podcast: Interview With Space Development Agency Director

By Jen DiMascio Nov 10, 2020
SDA director Derek Tournear joins Aviation Week editors on Check 6 to discuss how its system of space tracking and transport satellites will revolutionize the U.S. military and the challenges it will face along the way.
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Boeing Wins Chance To Reenter Hypersonic Weapons Race

By Steve Trimble Nov 05, 2020
Seven years after the demise of the X-51 program, the Pentagon puts Boeing back in the running for hypersonic cruise missile programs.
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Military Technology Could Bolster Bell’s Commercial Helicopters

By Tony Osborne Oct 30, 2020
Bell is looking to technology from its Model 360 Invictus as a potential template for a medium-size single-engine utility platform.
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Airbus Spain Pursues Jet Trainer Concept

By Tony Osborne Oct 21, 2020
Future trainer could tutor pilots for European Future Combat Air System.
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Will There Be Future Boeing/Embraer C-390 Collaboration?

By Steve Trimble Oct 16, 2020
Ask the Editors: A failed joint venture around the C-390 has left doubt about future collaboration between Boeing and Embraer.
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Lockheed Preps For GMLRS, PRSM Advances

By Steve Trimble Oct 14, 2020
Two U.S. Army missile programs led by Lockheed Martin are set to enter another round of critical flight tests.
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Hypersonic Missile Tests Demonstrate 6-in. Accuracy, U.S. Army Says

By Steve Trimble Oct 13, 2020
Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy’s remarks during a keynote speech at the Association of the U.S. Army’s virtual annual meeting appear to confirm the previously unannounced accuracy results from the Flight Experiment (FE)-2 test.
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DARPA-Funded Study Proposes Vision For Hypersonic Production Facility

By Steve Trimble Oct 13, 2020
Hypersonic Production Accelerator Facility would dramatically cut costs and schedule for scramjet propulsion, study says.
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Signs Of Multiple Warheads In New North Korean ICBM

By Kim Minseok Oct 12, 2020
The new liquid-propellant weapon appeared to be an enlargement of North Korea’s previous ICBM, Hwasong 15, which implicitly has insufficient payload-range capability for all of North Korea’s purposes.
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Does The U.S. Air Force Plan To Replace Its E-3 AWACS Fleet?

By Steve Trimble Oct 09, 2020
Ask the Editors: U.S. Air Force and NATO officials have discussed replacing E-3s using a distributed systems approach, but options are not fully developed.
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A Scout For A Scout: U.S. Army Plots Future Air-Launched Effects

By Steve Trimble Oct 07, 2020
The Army’s next scout aircraft will be an air-launched effect that could enter service six years before the FARA.
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Does Software Now Allow Fighters To Operate Autonomously?

By Steve Trimble Oct 05, 2020
Ask the Editors: Software has made great strides, but pilots are still needed to handle complex missions in the real world.
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Swiss Referendum Greenlights Fighter Procurement

By Tony Osborne Sep 27, 2020
Narrow approval clears way for Switzerland to replace F/A-18 Hornets and F-5 Tigers starting in the mid-2020s.
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How’s Military Aftermarket Sector Faring Amid COVID-19 Crisis?

By Michael Tint Sep 22, 2020
Ask the Editors: MRO activity is down due to the outbreak of COVID-19, but the military segment has been spared the brunt of the blow.
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The Nearly Decade-long Story That Led To NGAD Flight Demonstrator

By Steve Trimble Sep 21, 2020
How a massive budget cut, a DARPA program and a lengthy internal debate transformed the NGAD program.
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Why Did Boeing Opt To Fully Redesign The KC-46 Remote Vision System?

By Lee Hudson Sep 18, 2020
Ask the Editors: Boeing cannot use the KDC-10 Tanker Remote Vision System because it does not meet Air Force tech specs for the KC-46.
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Reaper Replacement Reveals Bold New GA-ASI Vision

By Steve Trimble Sep 14, 2020
The company that invented the unmanned hunter-killer mission unveils a concept for the legendary MQ-9’s replacement.
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UK Defense Chief Hints Review May OK Future Combat Air System

By Tony Osborne Sep 08, 2020
British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has hinted that the UK’s future combat air system initiative, Tempest, could be one of the winners in the government’s Integrated Review of defense and foreign policy. 
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Reforging Of USAF Pilot Training Hits New Complications

By Steve Trimble Sep 04, 2020
A year-old proposal to reform the U.S. Air Force fighter pilot training pipeline is restructuring its acquisition approach again.
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Russia Reveals Loyal Wingman Concept

Piotr Butowski Sep 04, 2020
The UAV concept Grom joins a growing number of Russian UAVs now in production or in development.
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Has Radar Stealth Been Fatally Compromised?

By Steve Trimble Aug 28, 2020
Ask the Editors: Minimizing an aircraft’s cross-section is not necessary for all missions, and many weapons can be carried internally.
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