Bombardier’s EcoJet Reimagines The Business Jet To Reduce Emissions

By Graham Warwick Aug 12, 2022
Bombardier prepares to fly a larger-scale model of its blended wing-body concept for a future sustainable business aircraft.
Aircraft & Propulsion

American Invests In Hydrogen-Electric Propulsion For Regional Jets

By Graham Warwick Aug 03, 2022
American Airlines has invested in zero-emission propulsion developer ZeroAvia and signed a memorandum of understanding covering a possible order for 100 hydrogen-electric engines to retrofit CRJ regional jets.

Lufthansa Introduces ‘Green Fare’ After Bolstering SAF Supply

By Kurt Hofmann Aug 03, 2022
Lufthansa aims to halve net CO2 emissions by 2030 compared to 2019.
Airlines & Lessors

Standard Receipt Developed For SAF Purchases

By Bill Carey Jul 26, 2022
The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and sustainability rating firm 4AIR have released a common receipt that FBOs and aircraft operators can use to credit sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) purchases.

American Airlines Commits To Five-Year, 500M Gal. SAF Deal With Gevo

By Ben Goldstein Jul 25, 2022
American Airlines has committed to a five-year, 500 million gal. sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) offtake agreement with Gevo, marking the largest SAF commitment to date for the airline.
Airlines & Lessors

Opinion: Europe Moves One Step Closer To Green Flight

Matteo Mirolo Jul 25, 2022
A landmark vote in the European Parliament last week secured the role of sustainable fuels in the decarbonization of European aviation.

ZeroAvia Announces New Investment Ahead Of First D228 Flight

By Angus Batey Jul 20, 2022
First flight of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric engine could come within weeks.
Farnborough Airshow

Airbus To Test Hydrogen Contrail Impact In Project Blue Condor

By Guy Norris Jul 20, 2022
Airbus UpNext plans to flight test a hydrogen-burning engine at altitude on a powered glider.
Farnborough Airshow

Boeing To Partner With Alder Fuels On SAF Expansion

By Linda Blachly Jul 19, 2022
Washington DC-based Alder Fuels expects completion of its first “greencrude” plant in 2024.
On Location

EasyJet, Rolls-Royce Team On Hydrogen Engine Testing

By Victoria Moores Jul 19, 2022
The two companies will cooperate on a series of early concept ground tests of a Rolls AE 2100 engine, followed by a full-scale ground test of a Rolls Pearl 15 jet engine.
On Location

UK Transport Minister Launches Jet Zero Strategy At Farnborough

By Angus Batey Jul 19, 2022
British Transport Minister Grant Shapps laid out the strategy to ShowNews.
Farnborough Airshow

CAE Unveils Kit To Electrify Piper Trainers

Jul 19, 2022
Safran Electrical & Power will supply the conversion kit's electric motor.
Farnborough Airshow

Farnborough Airport CEO: SAF Trial Proves Price Is Biggest Barrier

By Angus Batey Jul 19, 2022
The airport subsidized the cost of sustainable aviation fuel for two weeks, and customers responded with greater uptake than normal.
Farnborough Airshow

Airbus Joins Forces With Seven Airlines On Carbon Capture Initiative

By Victoria Moores Jul 19, 2022
Direct air carbon capture and storage aims to remove CO2 emissions from the air using high-powered fans.
On Location

New Turbogenerators Emerge For Hybrid-Electric Power Sector

By Guy Norris Jul 19, 2022
Traditional engine-makers appear to be closing in on the sweet spot between conventional powerplants and batteries as the development of hybrid…
Emerging Technologies

Boeing Forms UK SAF Development Organization

By Karen Walker Jul 18, 2022
Boeing has become a founding member of a UK organization that will help develop and bring sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to market.
On Location

Electric Taxiing Revival Aims At A220 For First Application

By Graham Warwick Jul 18, 2022
In 2011, a team led by L-3 Communications demonstrated electric taxiing at Frankfurt Airport with a Lufthansa Airbus A320. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Embraer, Raízen To Partner On Boosting SAF Production In Brazil

By Alan Dron Jul 17, 2022
Raízen will help Embraer reach its target of having SAF blends representing 100% of its fuel consumption within Brazil by the end of the decade.
On Location

Startup Evia Aero Signs For Cranfield Hydrogen Conversion Kits

By Angus Batey Jul 15, 2022
German start-up carrier Evia Aero has signed a letter of intent with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) to buy 10 conversion kits that will enable nine-seat Britten Norman Islander aircraft to fly regional routes in northern Europe on hydrogen. 
Airlines & Lessors

Opinion: Targeting A Clear, Clean Future for Aviation

Eric Fanning and Kevin Craven Jul 15, 2022
Following ICAO’s upcoming meeting in Montreal, governments should collaborate to adopt additional sustainability standards
Emerging Technologies

HAECO Americas’ MRO Operations Go Green

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Jul 12, 2022
HAECO Americas is rolling out sustainability initiatives at its Lake City, Florida and Greensboro, North Carolina facilities.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Podcast: Inside NASA’s Sustainable Flight Plan

By Graham Warwick Jul 11, 2022
As NASA invites bids to build and fly its Sustainable Flight Demonstrator, technology editor Graham Warwick and senior editor Guy Norris hear how this aircraft will differ from the agency’s prior X-planes. They talked to Rich Wahls, NASA’s newly appointed Sustainable Flight National Partnership mission integration manager at the AIAA Aviation 2022 conference in Chicago.

The Week In Technology, July 11-15, 2022

By Graham Warwick Jul 11, 2022
TU Delft’s Flying V family, Electra’s hybrid savings, Stratolaunch readies Talon and hydrogen for heavy-lift airship.
Aircraft & Propulsion

European Parliament Raises Airport Requirements For SAF

By Alan Dron Jul 08, 2022
It also amended the types of fuel that fall within the ambit of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and proposed a new fund to accelerate their introduction.
Airports & Routes

New Materials Key To Sustainability, Collins Says

By Thierry Dubois Jul 08, 2022
Thermoplastic composites and ceramics are seen as crucial to aviation’s sustainability efforts.
Farnborough Airshow