By Jeremy Kariuki Dec 05, 2023
Tune in as we speak with Jetlaw's Founder and Managing Partner Kent Jackson about the state of Q4 aircraft closings and how the market compares to Q4 2022.
BCA Podcast

By Lee Ann Shay Nov 14, 2023
European Business Aviation Association COO Robert Baltus speaks with Lee Ann Shay, Aviation Week executive editor of MRO and business aviation.
BCA Podcast

By Molly McMillin Nov 07, 2023
Kriya Shortt talks about her new role, the company’s goals and its challenges with Molly McMillin, editor of business aviation for the Aviation Week Network.
BCA Podcast

By Jeremy Kariuki, Molly McMillin, Lee Ann Shay, Guy Norris, Bill Carey Oct 20, 2023
Recorded live from NBAA-BACE 2023, Jeremy Kariuki, Molly McMillin, Guy Norris, Lee Ann Shay and Bill Carey share their favorite moments from the show.

By Joe Anselmo, Guy Norris, Lee Ann Shay Oct 17, 2023
As NBAA BACE show opens, industry coalesces around a new campaign to reach net zero. Will it work? Listen in as our editors discuss.

By Jeremy Kariuki, Molly McMillin Oct 03, 2023
Jeremy Kariuki, Aviation Week associate editor for business aviation, and Molly McMillin, managing editor for business aviation, discuss the agreement.
BCA Podcast

By Jeremy Kariuki Sep 19, 2023
Business aviation companies often spring into action when help is needed. Host Jeremy Kariuki speaks with leaders from Black Widow Helicopters and AeroAngel.
BCA Podcast

By Jeremy Kariuki Sep 05, 2023
The nonprofit Legacy Flight Academy strives to inspire students to pursue careers in aviation and STEM. Co-founder Kenny Thomas speaks with host Jeremy Kariuki.
BCA Podcast

By Lee Ann Shay Aug 29, 2023
Advanced Aviation Team CEO Gregg Brunson-Pitts discusses what is involved in chartering aircraft for presidential candidates with host Lee Ann Shay.
BCA Podcast

By Molly McMillin Aug 08, 2023
Elise Fox, senior manager of sustainability solutions for World Fuel Services, shares insights on sustainable aviation fuel. Hosted by Molly McMillin.
BCA Podcast

By Jeremy Kariuki, Molly McMillin, Bill Carey, Michael Lavitt Jul 26, 2023
Aviation Week's Jeremy Kariuki, Bill Carey, Molly McMillin and Mike Lavitt discuss highlights from the 2023 EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
BCA Podcast

By Bill Carey Jun 20, 2023
BCA Senior Editor Bill Carey discusses the progress of the Eliminate Aviation Gasoline Lead Emissions Initiative with NATA CEO and Managing Director of Safety.
BCA Podcast

By Molly McMillin, Lee Ann Shay, Guy Norris May 24, 2023
Disruptive technologies shaping the future of business aviation are on show at EBACE, but 2023 will be remembered for the protestors at the static display.

By Molly McMillin May 15, 2023
Listen in as Bombardier's Tonya Sudduth talks about what making Wichita its U.S. headquarters has meant for that site and how it fits into the OEM's strategy.
BCA Podcast

By Molly McMillin, Chris Reynolds May 01, 2023
Listen in as business aircraft valuations expert Chris Reynolds from Aircraft Bluebook joins the podcast to explain how the pre-owned market is changing.
BCA Podcast

By Matthew Orloff Apr 17, 2023
Listen in to hear from Patrick Woodhead, pilot and CEO of White Desert, which charters multiple aircraft types to Antarctica.
BCA Podcast

By Molly McMillin, Michael Lavitt Apr 03, 2023
Editors provide the latest news and insights from the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida.
BCA Podcast

By Ben Goldstein Mar 20, 2023
Listen in to hear about progress of the AIR One, a two-seater eVTOL marketed as a personal daily commuter vehicle for those with a pilot’s license.
BCA Podcast

By Joe Anselmo, Tony Osborne, Guy Norris Mar 15, 2023
Rotorcraft are ripe for disruption, but eVTOL makers were largely absent at the signature Heli-Expo show.
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By Matthew Orloff Mar 06, 2023
AOPA Director of Medical Certification Gary Crump shares the trends he's noticing with future pilots seeking their medical certification along with those who ha
BCA Podcast

By Molly McMillin Feb 18, 2023
Wichita-based Classic Lear Jet Foundation is acquiring the first Learjet delivered to a customer, Learjet 23-003, with plans to restore it to flying condition.
BCA Podcast

By Matthew Orloff Feb 06, 2023
Thomas Remo is inspiring the next generation of pilots by showing them the possibilities that come with pursuing a career as a Part 91 private jet pilot.
BCA Podcast

By Joe Anselmo, Michael Bruno, Ron Epstein, Richard Aboulafia Feb 02, 2023
Listen in as business editor Michael Bruno and analysts Richard Aboulafia and Rob Epstein discuss aerospace's big problem.

By Matthew Orloff Jan 23, 2023
Verijet CEO Richard Kane sits down with Aviation Week's Matt Orloff to discuss the Cirrus Vision Jet and how his company can provide solutions to gaps in the in
BCA Podcast

By Molly McMillin, Lee Ann Shay Dec 08, 2022
What’s the atmosphere like and what are the key new observations from the Middle East Business Aviation Association show taking place in Dubai?
Business Aviation