Farnborough Airshow May Mark Revival Of Widebody Market

By Guy Norris Jul 05, 2022
Demand for widebody aircraft was down even before the COVID-19 pandemic, but OEMs now believe new orders may arrive sooner than they expected.
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Opinion: Inconvenient Truths Behind Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Jim Harris Jul 01, 2022
SAF production cost and supply availability will fail to meet aviation needs, a Bain study finds.
Emerging Technologies

Daily Memo: Aluminum Suppliers Urge Customers To Help Recycling Endeavor

By Thierry Dubois Jul 01, 2022
Aluminum suppliers complain they too often see valuable material being treated in a way that prevents it from being recycled.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

China’s ‘Big Three’ Airlines To Buy Nearly 300 Airbus A320neos

By Chen Chuanren Jul 01, 2022
The move could see Airbus becoming China’s largest supplier for new aircraft. 
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IAG Firms Up More Aircraft Options To Upgrade Member Fleets

By Alan Dron Jul 01, 2022
International Airlines Group (IAG) plans to convert options announced almost a decade ago into firm orders for 14 Airbus A320neo family aircraft.
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Australia Regional Backs Hydrogen-Fueled Beech 1900D

By Graham Warwick Jun 30, 2022
Australian regional airline Skytrans has partnered with local startup Stralis Aircraft to convert a 19-seat Beech 1900D turboprop to hydrogen-electric propulsion for flight trials in 2025.
Advanced Air Mobility

Airlines Give Mixed Response To European ETS Reforms Approval

By Helen Massy-Beresford Jun 30, 2022
Europe’s airlines have given a mixed response to the European Council’s approval of reforms to the region’s Emissions Trading System (ETS), welcoming sustainable aviation fuel allowances but sounding the alarm over the early phaseout of free carbon allowances.  
Safety, Ops & Regulation

ICAO Tells Russia To Stop Re-Registering Aircraft

By Alan Dron Jun 30, 2022
The dual registration of aircraft raises safety concerns relating to the international validity of each airplane’s certificate of airworthiness, ICAO said.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

NASA Launches Search For Sustainable Airliner X-Plane Demo

By Graham Warwick Jun 30, 2022
NASA has launched its hunt for a large-scale experimental aircraft to demonstrate the airframe configuration and technologies for a sustainable single-aisle-class airliner that could enter service by the mid-2030s.
Emerging Technologies

Partners Announce SAF Availability For Jet Bookings

By Bill Carey Jun 30, 2022
Fuel refiner Neste and Victor, an on-demand private-jet charter company, have partnered to make Neste MY sustainable aviation fuel available for all Fly Victor bookings.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Azerbaijan’s Silk Way West Commits To Two A350 Freighters

By Alan Dron Jun 29, 2022
Cargo specialist Silk Way West Airlines has signed a purchase agreement with Airbus for two A350F freighters with an option for a further pair.
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Delft University Research Shows Flying V Scales Into Airliner Family

By Garrett Reim Jun 29, 2022
Researchers with the Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology have designed a three-member family of Flying-V aircraft to demonstrate that the next-generation concept scales.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Aerolineas Argentinas Builds 737 MAX Fleet With Sixth Delivery

By Lori Ranson Jun 29, 2022
The new narrowbody arrived in Argentina on June 25 and is configured with 170 seats—162 in economy and eight in business class. 
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China Producing First Industry-Scale SAF Supply

By Chen Chuanren Jun 29, 2022
The facility at the Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Co. near Ningpo, Zhejiang Province, is designed to manufacture 100,000 metric tons of unblended biofuel annually, and the state-owned company says its refinery will pave the way toward large-scale production. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

German Think Tank Delves Into Fuel Cells For Aircraft Hydrogen Power

By Thierry Dubois Jun 29, 2022
The pros and cons of the different fuel-cell types should be considered carefully for hydrogen-powered aircraft, as well as liquid-hydrogen production sites, says Bauhaus Luftfahrt, a Munich-based aviation science and technology think-tank.
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Hydrogen Gains Ground As Alternative Fuel

Jun 29, 2022
Hydrogen is gaining momentum as the zero-emission aviation fuel of the future but requires massive investment in new infrastructure, as well as…
Aircraft & Propulsion

Austrian Airlines Plans Long-Haul Fleet Renewal

By Kurt Hofmann Jun 29, 2022
Lufthansa subsidiary Austrian Airlines, which operates one of the oldest long-haul fleets in Europe, expects it will need a fleet rollover this decade. 
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Oil Giant Cautious Regarding SAF Ramp-Up

By Thierry Dubois Jun 28, 2022
No fast lane is in sight for the introduction of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) in significant quantities, as producers still have to cope with complex processes and high costs, French oil giant TotalEnergies says.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: Supply Chain Must Invest Now To Enable Greener Aircraft Designs

By Thierry Dubois Jun 28, 2022
Yet many of those companies are small- and medium-size businesses and finding the time and money is a serious hurdle for them, industry observers warn.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Lufthansa Returning A380s To Service For Summer 2023

By Jens Flottau Jun 28, 2022
Lufthansa’s decision to return part of its Airbus A380 fleet to service is a reflection of an unexpected boom in demand for long-haul flights and a solution to delivery delays affecting the carrier’s widebody fleet—but it comes with substantial additional complexity and economic risk.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Russia Aims To Produce 1,000 Commercial Aircraft Through 2030

Aviation Week Staff Jun 28, 2022
In an effort to mitigate the effects of Western sanctions imposed in response to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, the Russian government has outlined a plan to reconfigure the country’s commercial aircraft fleet in favor of domestically produced airliners by 2030. 
Aircraft & Propulsion

Western Industry Strives To Curb Dependence On Russian Titanium

By Thierry Dubois Jun 28, 2022
The metal is key to aircraft construction, and Russian suppliers accounted for 30-50% of Europe’s needs before the war in Ukraine.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

EU Parliament Panel Votes For More Ambitious ‘Fit For 55’ SAF Targets

By Helen Massy-Beresford Jun 27, 2022
The European Parliament’s Transport Committee has approved legislation that includes a more ambitious sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) mandate than one originally proposed by the European Commission’s “Fit for 55” climate package.  
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Daily Memo: Governments Need To Ratchet Up Support For Industry To Meet SAF Goals

By Lori Ranson Jun 27, 2022
IATA says SAF production needs to increase from roughly 100 million liters (26.4 million gal.) annually in 2021 to 449 billion liters (119 billion gal.) to meet the industry’s goal of net zero carbon emissions.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Azorra Acquires Another 11 Ex-NAC Embraer Aircraft

By Victoria Moores Jun 27, 2022
The new deal comes on the heels of a recently completed purchase of 37 aircraft, also from lessor Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC).
Airlines & Lessors