Cabin Product Recycling Takes A Whole-Picture Approach

By Linda Blachly Jan 19, 2023
Circularity is being applied to cabin product recycling.
Interiors & Connectivity

Why Sustainability Goals Mean Smaller Aircraft Antennas

By Linda Blachly Jan 19, 2023
More companies, including airlines and those in the aviation supply chain, are requiring documentation around environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.
Interiors & Connectivity

Cabins Are A Relatively New Focus For Emissions Reductions

By Linda Blachly Jan 19, 2023
Emissions savings from cabins are difficult to locate, but important to overall goals.
Interiors & Connectivity

Emirates Names Inmarsat As A350 Wi-Fi Provider

By Alan Dron Jan 13, 2023
Emirates has chosen Inmarsat’s GX Aviation as its inflight broadband system for the airline’s incoming fleet of Airbus A350s. 
Interiors & Connectivity

Emirates Puts First Refurbished A380 Back Into Service

By Alan Dron Jan 09, 2023
Emirates claims that its cabin refit program constitutes the largest-known aircraft refurbishment project in history.
Interiors & Connectivity

6G To Integrate Communications, Sensing For Autonomy

By Graham Warwick Jan 04, 2023
Communication and sensor systems usually run independently.
Air Transport

EasyJet Expands Inflight Connectivity Offering

By Alan Dron Dec 20, 2022
ULCC easyJet has expanded its use of AirFi’s connectivity technology on board its fleet. 
Interiors & Connectivity

Volato CEO Bets On Disappearance Of Commercial First Class For 2023

By Matthew Orloff Dec 13, 2022
In September 2022, American Airlines announced it was eliminating international first-class seats and replacing them with more business-class seats.
Interiors & Connectivity

Air India Begins Major Widebody Cabin Retrofit Program

By Adrian Schofield Dec 08, 2022
Air India has committed more than $400 million to refurbish the cabins on all of its current widebodies, comprising 27 Boeing 787s and 13 777s.
Interiors & Connectivity

The Inflight Connectivity Market Is Growing Fast

By Linda Blachly Nov 30, 2022
Onboard digital connectivity has evolved from being regarded as a “nice-to-have” to a “must-have” due to new expectations and rising expectations.
Interiors & Connectivity

Connectivity White Paper Advances New Approach

By Bill Carey Nov 21, 2022
Airline operations communications (AOC) would be conducted over commercial broadband networks under a future connectivity plan advanced by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), the FAA and manufacturers Airbus and Boeing.
Interiors & Connectivity

Crossover Jet Cabins Giving Crews A Welcoming Workplace

By Bernie Baldwin Nov 15, 2022
Everyone travelling by air appreciates a comfortable flight aided by amenities such as inflight entertainment and connectivity and a decent amount of…
Crossover Narrowbody Jets

FAA, EASA Advance 2035 ‘Vision’ For Connectivity

By Bill Carey Nov 14, 2022
The joint vision would combine aviation ground and satellite datalinks “and commercial broadband solutions” for future air traffic management (ATM), operational and safety communications with pilots.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

New Viasat Satellite To Expand IFC Coverage, Capacity

By Linda Blachly Nov 02, 2022
As airline passengers increasingly demand faster, more reliable inflight connectivity (IFC), global communications providers have been working to expand coverage and increase speed.
Interiors & Connectivity

Spirit’s Enhanced Seats To Takeoff In 2023

By Linda Blachly Oct 28, 2022
Spirit Airlines is keeping the focus on customers as it navigates a potential merger with JetBlue Airways, which was officially approved by Spirit’s shareholders last week. 
Interiors & Connectivity

Inmarsat: Reliable Inflight Wi-Fi Key To Passenger Satisfaction

By Linda Blachly Oct 27, 2022
Passengers want to fly again, but key to their satisfaction is “quality and consistent inflight broadband,” says Inmarsat while reporting results of its recent Passenger Experience Survey.
Interiors & Connectivity

Efforts Stepping Up To Enable Personal Wheelchairs Onboard

By Linda Blachly Oct 27, 2022
Transportation Department proposes Bill of Rights for Airline Passengers with Disabilities.
Interiors & Connectivity

Accessible Lavatories Would Open Air Travel To More People

By Linda Blachly Oct 27, 2022
Rule would mandate accessibility on new narrowbodies.
Interiors & Connectivity

Airbus Unveils 10-Abreast A350 Cabin At APEX

By Linda Blachly Oct 26, 2022
Airbus has made the A350 Airspace cabin 4-in. wider and 35-in. longer, allowing for new seating configurations and more passengers.
Interiors & Connectivity

At NBAA-BACE, Inflight Connectivity Is Alphanumeric

By Bill Carey Oct 18, 2022
5G networks for aviation are taking hold.

Satellite Firm Tie-Up Sparks UK Watchdog Warning On Wi-Fi Costs

By Tony Osborne Oct 06, 2022
The UK’s competition watchdog has expressed concerns that a $7.3 billion tie-up between satellite communications firms Viasat and Inmarsat could lead to airlines and passengers paying higher prices for onboard Wi-Fi. 
Interiors & Connectivity

IFC-Equipped Fleet Will Double By 2030, Says Report

By Alan Dron Oct 05, 2022
The number of IFC-equipped commercial aircraft is expected to double by the end of this decade, according to a new report. Space consulting and…

Russian Airlines Prepare To Restart Suspended ACARS

Aviation Week Network Staff Sep 28, 2022
Russian airlines are preparing to restore access to the digital datalink Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS).
Interiors & Connectivity

Wisk Aero Unveils Proposed Concept Of Operations

By Garrett Reim Sep 21, 2022
Wisk envisions one “multivehicle supervisor” managing three air taxis at once from a remote location by 2030.
Advanced Air Mobility

Collaboration is key to creating a holistic journey

By Linda Blachly Sep 20, 2022
Keeping innovation going in a complex industry requires planning, listening and partnering with many colleagues to answer questions that haven’t been asked. 
Interiors & Connectivity