UK Wedgetail Delivery Slowed By Pandemic Supply Chain Issues

By Tony Osborne Nov 30, 2022
First delivery of the Boeing E-7 Wedgetail airborne early warning (AEW) aircraft to the RAF has been pushed back 12 months.
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Opinion: How To Expand Capacity Of The U.S. Defense Industrial Base
The nation can employ contracting tools, competition, creative policies and allied technologies to meet increased demands.
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Expand the U.S. Defense Industrial Base

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Brazilian Groups Sue Boeing Over Alleged Aerospace Hiring Spree

By Steve Trimble Nov 25, 2022
Boeing’s “systemic capture and hiring” of engineers now threatens the viability of parts of Brazil’s defense industrial base, says the Association of Aerospace Industries of Brazil (AIAB).
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Turkish Aerospace Advances TF-X Prototype Into Final Assembly

By Tony Osborne Nov 24, 2022
In the first pictures published of the twin-engine TF-X since manufacturing began earlier this year, Turkish Aerospace appears to have completed most of the forward and rear fuselage with much of the main wing fitted to the aircraft.
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Marc Parent Wins 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

Nov 18, 2022
Marc Parent president and CEO of CAE since 2009, has led the Canadian company’s growth as a global leader in defense services.

Aviation Week Presents 2022 Grand Laureate Award Winners

Nov 18, 2022
Continuing an annual tradition dating back to 1957, Aviation Week Network editors honored a wide variety of industry accomplishments.
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Rostec Delivers Su-34Ms To Russian Air Arm, Partly Replacing Losses

By Steve Trimble Nov 17, 2022
Russian officials hailed the delivery as a sign that the indigenous supply chain can continue to meet delivery milestones, despite Western sanctions.
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Training Travails Taunt The UK Front Line

By Tony Osborne Nov 15, 2022
The UK’s military pilot-training pipeline is affecting even its much-vaunted F-35 Joint Strike Fighter fleet.
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German Industry Concerned Over Chinook and F-35 Contracting 

By Tony Osborne Nov 14, 2022
Members of German aerospace trade body BDLI say Berlin should call for a role for German industry in its acquisitions of Boeing CH-47 Chinook heavy-lift helicopters and Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighters.
Supply Chain

How The Space Force Will Follow SDA’s Lead In Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Protection

By Brian Everstine Nov 11, 2022
The Space Force has paid attention to how SDA is preparing for its biggest threat—cyber attacks—and is following suit, according to SDA's director.

Podcast: Can The Defense Industry Cope With Inflation?

By Jen DiMascio Nov 04, 2022
The industry is looking to digitalization to offset higher prices and workforce challenges.
Defense and Space

Italy To Build 24 F-35s For Switzerland At Cameri

By Tony Osborne Nov 01, 2022
Cameri, which is operated by Leonardo, was built primarily to support production of F-35s for Italy, but the Netherlands also selected the facility for the assembly of its F-35As.
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An Appreciation: Former U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter

By Steve Trimble Oct 31, 2022
He stared down Lockheed on the F-35 negotiations, devised a politically-neutral tanker competition and ramped up Pentagon innovation.
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Embraer Positions To Participate In S. Korean Transport Program 

By Chen Chuanren Oct 27, 2022
SINGAPORE—Embraer has signed agreements with three South Korean aerospace companies—Aerospace Technology of Global, EM Korea Co. and Kencoa Aerospace…
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Latest Boeing Financial Results Show Recovery Still A Distant Goal

By Michael Bruno Oct 26, 2022
After the company's latest results were released, Boeing’s stock price dropped around 9% for the day, bringing its year-to-date total falloff to 36%.
Supply Chain

Aerospace Mergers and Acquisitions Are On The Wane

By Michael Bruno Oct 26, 2022
Woodward is likely far from the last large aerospace and defense company to announce a post-pandemic business restructuring.
Supply Chain

Lockheed Sees Flat Sales Ahead But Promises Shareholder Growth

By Michael Bruno Oct 24, 2022
The world’s largest defense-focused company expects 2023 revenue to be in line with 2022 and promises shareholders will reap rewards.
Supply Chain

UK And India Boost Defense Industry Cooperation

By Tony Osborne Oct 21, 2022
It is hoped the initiative will support a number of aerospace programs being pursued by India with support from British companies.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Woodward Reorganizes Under New CEO Blankenship

By Michael Bruno Oct 19, 2022
New Woodward Chairman and CEO Chip Blankenship is quickly making his mark on the aerospace and defense supplier, announcing a reorganization Oct. 19 that consolidates the company’s business groups and brings fresh leadership inside its aerospace and industrial divisions.
Supply Chain

Collins Will Build Prototype Thermoplastic F-16 Ventral Fin

By Steve Trimble Oct 14, 2022
“We are seeing an increased demand and opportunity to replace legacy aircraft components with thermoplastics,” a Collins executive says.
Supply Chain

Are Rising Prices In The Supplier Base A Hindrance Or Help?

By Michael Bruno Oct 14, 2022
For the first time in a generation, inflationary drivers are pushing up prices across the supplier base. What are the effects?
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Lockheed To Resume F-35 Deliveries After Month-Long Hiatus

By Steve Trimble Oct 10, 2022
Deliveries were halted after the discovery of a Chinese supplier at a low level of the supply chain, but a waiver has now been granted that applies to those F-35s awaiting delivery.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Hungary’s First KC-390 Takes Shape Ahead Of 2024 Delivery

By Tony Osborne Oct 07, 2022
The fuselage for the Hungarian Air Force’s first KC-390 transport aircraft is complete and awaiting fitment of the wings.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Seoul Complains Of Poor F-35A Reliability

By Chen Chuanren Oct 05, 2022
A South Korean lawmaker says that the Republic of Korea Air Force's Lockheed Martin F-35As were classified as “operationally unready” on 234 times over an 18-month period ending in June.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Hopes Fade For Quick Recovery In Aerospace Profits

By Michael Bruno Oct 04, 2022
A web of challenges is holding back aerospace and defense from exceeding expectations, especially labor and supply chain issues.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain