Go-Around Decision-Making: What's The Best Approach?

By James Albright Oct 14, 2021
A Flight Safety Foundation study says pilots execute go-arounds only 3% of the time when an approach exceeds stable approach criteria.
FlightSafety International and GE Digital Announce C-FOQA Training
A new partnership will use actual flight data to tailor aircrew simulator training using Corporate Flight Operations Quality Assurance.
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Blackhawk Reaches 1000th Customer Milestone for XP Engine+ Upgrades

By Ben Goldstein Oct 12, 2021
Blackhawk said its upgrades are designed to “increase the performance, speed, usability and reliability of high-performance turboprop aircraft for a lower cost than buying new.” 

Lightning Damage to Aircraft, Part 1

By Patrick Veillette, Ph.D. Oct 07, 2021
Over 90% of aircraft struck by lightning suffer damage.
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First-of-Its-Kind Maintenance School Opens in Illinois
The Virginia Beach, Virginia-based Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) last week opened it 14th and largest facility in the McKinley Park neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, just a few miles from Midway International Airport.
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KSU, NOAA Partner To Relieve Shortage Of Hurricane Hunters
Kansas State University’s Salina Aerospace and Technology Campus is partnering with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to create a program to train students to serve as officers and pilots within the NOAA Corps.
guy.ferneyhoug… Wed, 09/29/2021 - 09:44
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Balked Landings, Part 3

By James Albright Sep 28, 2021
Pilots should also consider engine spool-up time and flight director guidance.
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What’s Filling MRO Shops

By Paul Seidenman Sep 27, 2021
Examining what modification and upgrade work independent and OEM shops are booking
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Checklist: Aircraft Service Bulletins

BCA Staff Sep 24, 2021
Compliance with manufacturer's service bulletins may or may not be mandatory, but should never be ignored.
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Tight Pre-Owned Market Driving MROs’ Post Pandemic Prospects

By Paul Seidenman Sep 24, 2021
State of the used aircraft market and its impact on the aftermarket 

SMS Unplugged: Reporting And Next Steps

Dave Huntzinger, Ph.D. Sep 23, 2021
Reporting, investigating, communicating and training—and SMS systems for small operators.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Bombardier Service Center Expansions On Track

By Molly McMillin Sep 22, 2021
Bombardier is investing in major expansions of its worldwide service center network as it grows the segment, with plans to add hundreds of technicians over the next 18 months.
Maintenance & Training

Cirrus Orlando To Offer Flight Training, Maintenance, Services

By Molly McMillin Sep 22, 2021
Cirrus Aircraft has expanded into central Florida with Cirrus Orlando to provide flight training, aircraft maintenance, management and sales for the Cirrus G2+ Vision Jet.
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Bombardier Completes Dallas Service Center Refurbishment

By Molly McMillin Sep 22, 2021
Bombardier has completed the refurbishment of its Dallas Service Center with additional maintenance and support capabilities for customers in the U.S. and Latin America.
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Training Resources And Partnerships

BCA Staff Sep 22, 2021
Recent developments in training and simulation include new simulators, training facilities and partnerships.
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Aircraft Engine Service Providers

By Paul Seidenman Sep 16, 2021
Engine MROs ramp up as flight hours increase; pre-owned market stays hot.
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Beta Technologies Selects CAE For eVTOL Training

By Graham Warwick Sep 15, 2021
Beta Technologies has selected Canada’s CAE to develop the pilot and maintenance training program for the Alia electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft.
Urban & Unmanned Aviation

The Gordian Knot: Solving A Problem, Part 2

By James Albright Sep 10, 2021
The first part of this article looked at trying to solve problems that appear to be impossible. The old saying “When all you have is a hammer…
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Constant Aviation Ramps Up Efforts To Recruit Qualified MRO Workforce

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Sep 09, 2021
Through its partnership with Western Technical College in El Paso, Texas, students will be able to transition directly from the school to the bizjet MRO provider's workforce.

Training School Launches New Aerobatic Airplane

By Bill Carey Sep 09, 2021
European flight-training provider Bartolini Air has taken delivery of the first new CAP10C NG as launch customer of the re-introduced aerobatic airplane, which it uses for upset-recovery training.
Aircraft & Propulsion

The Gordian Knot: Solving A Problem, Part 1

By James Albright Sep 09, 2021
Just because something is impossible doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a solution.
Maintenance & Training

Aeralis Teams With Atkins, Siemens On Jet Trainer Development 

By Tony Osborne Sep 06, 2021
The partners will back Aeralis’ effort to fly a pre-production example of its modular training aircraft before 2025. 
Light Attack and Advanced Training

Viewpoint: Short-Term Cost Savings May Lead To Long-Term Expenses

Frank Rechberg/Actron Sep 01, 2021
Pressure on aviation manufacturing to reduce component prices has created a market that seeks parts that are “good enough,” which is a disturbing trend for an industry that boasts safety and quality as its primary concerns.
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Drone Company Offers Training For First Responders

BCA Staff Aug 30, 2021
Aquiline Drones is offering tuition-free drone pilot training to police officers and firefighters nationwide until the end of the year.
Business Aviation

Business Aircraft Post-Pandemic Mods, Part 2

Paul Seidenman and David Spanovich Aug 23, 2021
In an historically tight market for pre-owned aircraft, business jet owners are seeking a range of modifications and upgrades to their existing…
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