Victus Nox Mission Shows How Commercial Space Coming Of Age

By Jen DiMascio Sep 26, 2023
Advancements in commercial space tech helped the U.S. Space Force, Millennium Space Systems and Firefly Aerospace pull off the Victus Nox rapid launch demo.
Commercial Space

Sierra Space Raises $290M Series B For Space Station Project

By Michael Bruno Sep 26, 2023
A Japanese partnership of MUFG Bank, Kanematsu and Tokio Marine & Nichido led the Sierra Space funding round, which will fund space station development.
Commercial Space

U.S. National Security Space Facing Key Challenges

By Guy Norris Sep 26, 2023
Lt. Gen. John Shaw, senior U.S. Space Force officer at Space Command, says challenges will grow as vehicles become more complex and operate further from Earth.

Blue Origin CEO Bob Smith Stepping Aside

By Irene Klotz Sep 26, 2023
Progress has been slow on Blue Origin's New Glenn orbital launch system under Bob Smith’s watch, with an expected 2024 debut coming four years behind schedule.
Commercial Space

Osiris-Rex Asteroid Sample Materials Arrive At NASA Johnson

By Mark Carreau Sep 25, 2023
The Osiris-Rex sample canister with material gathered from the surface of the asteroid Bennu was flown on Sept. 25 from its landing site in the Utah desert to NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Osiris-REx: Asteroid Samples Land In Utah, Ending 7-Year Mission

By Irene Klotz Sep 24, 2023
The largest haul of extraterrestrial samples since Apollo 17 landed in Utah on Sept. 24 after being collected by the Osiris-REx spacecraft.

Satellogic Pauses Satellite Launches, Downsizes and Seeks Funds

By Michael Bruno Sep 22, 2023
Satellite-based remote sensing startup Satellogic said Sept. 21 it will not launch any more satellites until at least the first quarter of 2024.
Commercial Space

NASA’s Mars Sample Return Effort Faces Significant Challenges: Review

By Mark Carreau Sep 22, 2023
The current MSR mission cost estimate of $5.9 billion with a 2027 launch of the initial multiple mission elements will likely rise to $8-$11 billion.

Osiris-Rex On Course For Earth Reentry

By Guy Norris Sep 22, 2023
Lockheed Martin says the OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return spacecraft is healthy and on track for a pinpoint atmospheric Earth reentry over Utah on Sept. 24.

NASA Posts Solicitation For ISS Deorbit Vehicle

By Irene Klotz Sep 22, 2023
The agency plans to make a single award for a U.S. Deorbit Vehicle on April 18, 2024, a solicitation posted on NASA's procurement website shows.

Axiom Space, Hungary Advance Private Astronaut Mission Plans

By Mark Carreau Sep 21, 2023
The Spaceflight Framework Agreement was signed by Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s foreign affairs and trade minister, and Mike Suffredini, Axiom Space’s CEO.

NASA Ready To Embrace Deep Space Laser Communications

By Mark Carreau Sep 20, 2023
NASA’s $1.2 billion Psyche mission is being prepared for launch to explore a metal-rich, main belt asteroid.

SSC Awards Astroscale Contract For In-space Refueling Vehicle

By Garrett Reim Sep 20, 2023
Space Systems Command has awarded Astroscale U.S. a $25.5 million contract to deliver by 2026 a prototype spacecraft that can refuel other satellites in space.

Sierra LIFE Inflatable Habitat Burst-Tested With Representative Window

By Guy Norris Sep 20, 2023
For burst testing, a scaled LIFE inflatable habitat was filled with air until it ruptured as Sierra works to deploy a full-scale version to low Earth Orbit.

Air Force Secretary Kendall Outlines A New Strategy

By Brian Everstine Sep 20, 2023
Frank Kendall discusses with Aviation Week the need to “reoptimize” the Air Force to acquire, plan and train better for potential near-term conflict.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Terran Orbital Surprises With Stock Sale; Shares Plummet

By Michael Bruno Sep 19, 2023
Terran Orbital surprised investors Sept. 19 with the announcement of a new sale of company stock and warrants.
Commercial Space

Rocket Lab Falters On 41st Flight

By Irene Klotz Sep 19, 2023
Rocket Lab is investigating the failure of an Electron rocket during a mission to deliver a radar-imaging satellite into low Earth orbit for Capella Space.
Commercial Space

NASA Astronaut Rubio Discusses U.S. Record Mission Challenges

By Mark Carreau Sep 19, 2023
NASA astronaut Frank Rubio will pass the one-year mark in space on Sept. 21. His return to Earth is set for Sept. 27.

Skyloom To Integrate Laser Comms In Satellogic Earth Observation Sat

By Garrett Reim Sep 18, 2023
The deal is a step toward Skyloom of Broomfield, Colorado, setting up a laser communication network based on SkyCompass-1.
Commercial Space

Germany Signs Artemis Accords

By Mark Carreau Sep 18, 2023
NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and Walther Pelzer, the director general of the German Space Agency, participated in a signing ceremony.

General Atomics Buys Electro-optical Sensor Developer EO Vista

By Garrett Reim Sep 15, 2023
General Atomics has acquired EO Vista, a company that develops electro-optical sensors for satellites and aircraft.

NASA-Russian Trio Launch, Dock To Space Station

By Mark Carreau Sep 15, 2023
Russia’s Soyuz MS-24 crew capsule autonomously docked to the International Space Station on Sept. 15.

NASA Names McInerney To Oversee UAP Research

By Irene Klotz Sep 15, 2023
NASA has reversed course and decided to release the name of the person assigned to oversee research into unidentified anomalous phenomena.

Firefly Nails Rapid Response Launch Demo For U.S. Space Force

By Irene Klotz Sep 15, 2023
The rocket lifted off at 10:28 p.m. EDT/7:28 p.m. local time on Sept. 14.

First Take, Sept. 18, 2023

By Graham Warwick Sep 15, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.