By Sean Broderick Dec 07, 2023
The new year will bring new certification protocols and at least one draft rule that will affect how the FAA approves new designs.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Jessie Naor Dec 06, 2023
New pilot certifications are booming, but there are bottlenecks to getting those new pilots into paid positions.
Maintenance & Training

By Sean Broderick Dec 06, 2023
This is a long-called-for step by Congress that the agency has tried and failed to take due to numerous complications.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Ben Goldstein Dec 06, 2023
U.S. startup Reliable Robotics has completed a fully autonomous flight with a modified Cessna Caravan with no pilot on board,
Advanced Air Mobility

By Sean Broderick Dec 05, 2023
An FAA charter has tasked an advisory committee with examining how the agency manages pilot and air traffic controller mental health disclosures.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Dec 05, 2023
New products are being developed to protect aircraft and hangars from a variety of safety threats.

By Graham Warwick Dec 05, 2023
AI leaders cooperate; Cargo eVTOL flies; UK extends R&D funding; and China’s firefighting eVTOL.
Emerging Technologies

By Molly McMillin Dec 05, 2023
Hinson, an appointee of former President Bill Clinton, served as administrator for three years, from 1993 to 1996.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Brian Everstine Dec 04, 2023
The U.S. Air Force needs to open up its high-end training ranges and exercises to AI and machine learning, its top civilian sasys.
Budget, Policy & Operations

By Sean Broderick Dec 04, 2023
The new D090 opspec was introduced in FAA inspector policy N8900.679 issued in October.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Christian A. Klein Dec 04, 2023
The AOG Technics unapproved parts scandal shows the aviation industry should rely more on technician experience than paperwork in identifying issues.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

Keith Meurlin Nov 30, 2023
The Washington Airports Task Force (WATF) is adamantly opposed to any additional flights at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) whatsoever.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Bill Carey Nov 29, 2023
The new fuel—UL100E—was developed by the partnership of LyondellBasell Industries and VP Racing.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Garrett Reim Nov 29, 2023
The FAA and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency are trying to figure out how best to certify the safety of nondeterministic programs.
Advanced Air Mobility

By Sean Broderick Nov 28, 2023
The FAA has finalized new, related instructions designed to strengthen its aircraft certification processes.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Sean Broderick Nov 28, 2023
Boeing recently discovered 747 jumpers are failing “at an excessive rate,” an FAA airworthiness directive (AD) set for publication Nov. 30 reveals.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Ben Goldstein Nov 27, 2023
EHang is laying the groundwork for the imminent commercial launch of its EH216-S unmanned multicopter.
Advanced Air Mobility

By Sean Broderick Nov 27, 2023
An independent report flagged four general areas as places to target to make U.S. airspace safer and more efficient.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Irene Klotz Nov 23, 2023
Major technical risks were retired by the performance of SpaceX’s Super Heavy rocket.
Commercial Space

By Sean Broderick Nov 22, 2023
FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker left little doubt that he expects something new out of the recently announced pilot mental health aviation rulemaking committee.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Sean Broderick, Guy Norris Nov 22, 2023
Boeing has been granted long-awaited type inspection authorization for the 737-10, marking a major milestone in the company's progress since the 737 MAX returned from a global grounding.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Sean Broderick Nov 22, 2023
The FAA now plans to issue a draft rule codifying new requirements for manufacturers to disclose safety-critical information during certification in 2024.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Sean Broderick Nov 20, 2023
The agency is looking at several options, including using new virtual towers that depict real-world airport environments, to help improve training quality.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Steve Trimble Nov 20, 2023
The 50-year-old GPS program is increasingly vulnerable to a proliferation of tools used to jam and spoof the weak and unencrypted civilian signal.

By Sean Broderick Nov 17, 2023
Promising results from two FAA trials showcasing ADS-B In capabilities have convinced the agency to extend the work for another year.
Safety, Ops & Regulation