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NASA To Jump Orion Abort Test Ahead Of Delayed SLS Debut Commented on: 32 weeks ago (November 8, 2017)

We could completely fund NASA by just cutting back foreign aid. Why send dollars to guys who would just as soon shoot us in the head.

Opinion: Why The U.S. Should Allow Supersonic Flights Over Land Commented on: 34 weeks ago (October 21, 2017)

As a kid in Orange County Calif. in the 50s, I remember sonic booms were a daily event. The only time they were damaging is when some hairball decided that a supersonic flight at low altitudes was...

Second Comac C919 Flight Imminent, Five Months After First Flight Commented on: 39 weeks ago (September 19, 2017)

I find it interesting that Communist China builds a plane with standard two-class configuration. What happened to Communist equality? China has digressed into a plain, garden variety dictatorship...

How U.S. F-15E Drone Shoot-Down Changed Air Game In Syria Commented on: 40 weeks ago (September 14, 2017)

The AMRAAM was already paid for. What's the shelf life of an AMRAAM? If you don't use them, when do you destroy them? Got the job done.

Virgin Orbit Confirms SpaceBelt Launch Deal Commented on: 40 weeks ago (September 13, 2017)

Somebody needs to implement a requirement for de-orbiting old satellites. There is so much junk up there it looks like an LA freeway at rush hour.

NASA Moves Electric-Propulsion Components Closer To Reality Commented on: 42 weeks ago (August 29, 2017)

The question that plagues me about all of these "electric" conversion is where is all this electricity come from? Electric cars, electric aircraft and any other application requires incredible...

How Buying Light Attack Fleet Would Help USAF’s Pilot Shortage Commented on: 43 weeks ago (August 23, 2017)

One point missed by the commentators is competition for reasonably intelligent people. A "smart" person can complete an MBA and gain a six-figure salary without any superiors "ordering" you to do...

From Pest Control To Drug Patrol, Now Air Tractor Targets OA-X Commented on: 45 weeks ago (August 9, 2017)

Here's an idea. Take a fully armed prototype and ship it to Iraq. They'll let you know quick on how it works out......

Pilotless Commercial Aircraft? Follow the Money Commented on: 45 weeks ago (August 9, 2017)

No way in hell will I ride a pilotless aircraft. Just one small problem and you're toast.......

Do Mars Astronauts Need To Land? Commented on: 51 weeks ago (June 27, 2017)

Ask any of the tremendously educated and incredibly trained astronauts if they will volunteer for a mission to go to Mars and not land. That's not what they are all about.

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