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Halsey Bartlett Jr.

Assistant Manager , Cain Petroleum DBA Chevron Inc.

Skills: Aviation ground services, technical, maintenance

Career Summary:

High passion for aerospace/aviation particularly the airline and commercial aviation segment. I aim to return to the industry I love and work in Portland as a gas station manager. Worked part-time at Sebastian Aero Services along with a full time position at a fast food franchise as a maintenance technician in Florida before relocating to Portland, Oregon. Completed college courses in aerospace technology and years of experience as a ramp agent. Seeking to reenter the airline/aviation industry which I have extreme passion for.


Specialties: FBO and airline ramp operations, GA a/c maintenance assistant

Current Roles:

Management, Repair/Maintenance


Aerospace Technology, BCC Aerospace Programs


Completion of various training programs related to a/c ramp operations, Airline/FBO/airport(SIDA and airside training)
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