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Donald Mallick

Retired NASA Research Pilot, NASA

Skills: Aero Eng., Navy Carrier Pilot

Career Summary:

Two years 1948-1950: Mechanical Eng. at Penn State

Four years 1950-1954: U.S. Navy Carrier Jet Pilot

Three years 1954-1957: Aero Eng. at U.of Florida, BANE

Thirty years 1957-1987: NASA Research Pilot and Manager.

Eleven years 1952-1963: U.S. Navy, Active & Reserve Service.         Retired 1970, LCDR, USNR

Twenty nine years: 1987 to present: Retired and part time Aerospace Consultant.


Currently (2014-2016) Working with Cameron Mitchell Productions in producing a Documentary Film on my 2004 autobiography book, The Smell of Kerosene"

Specialties: High and Low Speed Flight Test

Current Roles:

Test Pilot, Manager


BANE, Univ. of Florida 1957


USAF Test Pilot School-1964, NASA Management Training