Webinar: Safety Continuum - Understanding The FAA’s Approach To eVTOLs

An Aviation Week webinar that seeks to examine the FAA’s approach to certifying advanced air mobility aircraft and safely integrating them into the National Airspace System. 
As moderator, Ben Goldstein, AAM Report Editor-in-Chief, Aviation Week Network, led an expert panel to discuss the logic behind the FAA’s ‘Safety Continuum’ approach to eVTOLs; how harmony can be achieved with international regulators and how would the path to autonomous passenger-carrying operations would look.

The panelists included Sergio Cecutta, Founder and Partner, SMG Consulting, Jeffrey Vincent, Executive Director of UAS Integration Office, FAA and John Illson, Chief Safety Officer at Supernal.




I signed up to listen live to this but never received a link to watch .