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Duncan Aviation CEO: 6,000 Business Aircraft Need ADS-B Upgrades

Apr 10, 2017

Aaron Hilkemann, president and CEO of Duncan Aviation, Inc., discusses ADS-B upgrades and the reasons for the lag in the pace of equipage.

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on Apr 27, 2017

Years ago white hat hackers penetrated ADS-B and thus NextGen. A number of exploits were demonstrated including injection of false aircraft into the system. I have not seen conclusive evidence all exploits have been identified and patched. That, and the low but drastic threat of a solar flare bringing the satellites down, still cause concern.

But that is not the big problem still facing NextGen.

Not only are there many business and private aircraft behind on upgrades to ADS-B, the USAF is woefully behind schedule, a typical incompetence.

The Air Traffic Control System developed painfully from the Grand Canyon to Cerritos has pretty ,much reached it's limits and NextGen is both needed and technologically possible.

We are at the point where in an optimistic newsreel of the fifties the martial music would reach a crackly crescendo as the narrator announced "and progress marches ON!"

Lets get with folks, including those lost in the Wild Blue Yonder.

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