Chris Sloan

Contributing Air Transport Editor



Chris Sloan is a contributing editor covering air transport for Aviation Week Network. He is based in Miami and Key West, Florida.

Sloan was formerly managing editor of Airways Magazine and co-founder of Over his 25 career in aviation media and journalism, he has written for Flight,, Airliner World, Forbes, APEX, Business Insider and USA Today. His areas of expertise include routes and network, business analysis, OEMs, operations - with an emphasis on on-the-spot reporting from first flights, inaugurals and significant events. He is known for his access to the C-Suite. Sloan is also the founder and webmaster of the world’s most vast online collection of airline memorabilia, . He is the roving reporter for podcast. He is a recent graduate of George Mason’s Airline Economics class.

Sloan also is a multi-Emmy Award winning TV producer, executive and entrepreneur. He is the owner and president of 2C Media — a major television production and promotion creative agency. In the aviation realm, he was executive producer and creator of Airport 24/7: Miami for Travel Channel and an executive producer of "World's Biggest Airliner: The Airbus A380" documentary for Discovery Networks. Previously he oversaw marketing and production teams at USA Networks, Discovery Networks, and NBC.

Sloan’s other major passion is his family’s non-profit charity foundation, Caleb and Calder Sloan’s Awesome Foundation, which was created to help children and their families through grief and give back to those marginalized - particularly befallen by storms and other catastrophic events. The foundation’s Operation: Puerto Rico Carelift and Giftlift campaigns bought tons of aid to the country following Hurricane Irma.


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