Thierry Dubois

France Bureau Chief

Lyon, France


Thierry Dubois has specialized in aerospace journalism since 1997. An engineer in fluid dynamics from Toulouse-based Enseeiht, he covers the French commercial aviation, defense and space industries. His expertise extends to all things technology in Europe. Thierry is also the editor-in-chief of Aviation Week’s ShowNews. 



What Aviation Can Learn About Hydrogen Propulsion From Other Sectors
Hydrogen-powered vehicles progressing on the rails, roads and at sea can inspire and inform aviation applications.
ARTURO.MORA@IN… Mon, 11/28/2022 - 09:00
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Living With Hydrogen

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ESA Ministerial Council Ends With Budget Increase

By Thierry Dubois Nov 23, 2022
The European Space Agency’s ministerial council concluded with a €16.9 billion ($17.2 billion) budget for the coming years, a 17% increase and the highest ever thanks to a broad agreement on most of the proposed programs.

Arianespace Gears Up For First Vega-C Mission

By Thierry Dubois Nov 23, 2022
The Vega-C light launcher is set to perform its first mission for Arianespace, which will see Avio’s upgraded rocket place two Airbus Pleiades satellites into orbit.
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