Thierry Dubois

France Bureau Chief

Lyon, France


Thierry Dubois has specialized in aerospace journalism since 1997. An engineer in fluid dynamics from Toulouse-based Enseeiht, he covers the French commercial aviation, defense and space industries. His expertise extends to all things technology in Europe. Thierry is also the editor-in-chief of Aviation Week’s ShowNews. 



Safran Striving To Stabilize Energy Costs

By Thierry Dubois Sep 25, 2023
Energy is Safran’s main consideration for the new plant, with CEO Olivier Andries saying, “we want competitive, decarbonized energy under a long-term contract."
Aircraft & Propulsion

Safran Waiting For More Operators To Report AOG Technics Parts, CEO Says

By Thierry Dubois Sep 22, 2023
Olivier Andries says that with CFM56 operators still investigating if they have AOG Technics parts in their fleet, the full extent of the problem is not known.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Daily Memo: After Traffic Recovery, BEA Faces Capacity Gap

By Thierry Dubois Sep 20, 2023
French air accident investigation office BEA in 2022 saw an uptick in activity, thus reaching pre-pandemic levels.
Safety, Ops & Regulation