Airbus Teams Up With DG Fuels To Drive SAF Production

airbus saf
Credit: Airbus

Airbus has formed a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) strategic partnership with Washington D.C.-based DG Fuels (DGF).

The partnership will use a new fuel-production system developed by DGF to source SAF from a wider range of waste and residue sources. It will run entirely on cellulosic waste products, such as wood waste from the logging industry, coupled with renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power.

The company’s first SAF plant, set for construction in Louisiana, will aim to have an average annual production capacity of 120 million U.S. gallons (454 million liters) by 2026.

Michael Darcy, Chairman and CEO at DG Fuels, enthusiastic at the partnership with Airbus, said once the Louisiana facility was up and running, they plan to expand by opening more facilities within the U.S., but only later would they consider large-scale production worldwide.

Tom Pleasant

Tom Pleasant has been an aviation journalist and editor since 2008. He has been the Group Deputy editor for A-Z Media Group, editor of Air Cargo News…