The Week In Defense, Dec. 1-8, 2022
China’s nuclear arsenal grows; Russia converts to conventional; Raptor helmet displays, and U.S. buys three more GPS satellites.
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What Do China’s Embraer 190-E2 And ATR 42-600 Certifications Mean?
China’s decision to certify some Western aircraft helps address a few markets. But it is also very political.
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Opinion: How To Expand Capacity Of The U.S. Defense Industrial Base
The nation can employ contracting tools, competition, creative policies and allied technologies to meet increased demands.
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Expand the U.S. Defense Industrial Base

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The Week In Technology, Nov. 28-Dec. 2, 2022
Fuel-cell single-aisle; Scaled flight testing; Modular hydrogen propulsion; and Impact-safe lithium battery.
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Opinion: There Will Be Blood: Dissecting eVTOL Business Models

By Kevin Michaels Nov 29, 2022
Aspiring operators of electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles are about to run into the cold, hard reality of economics.
Advanced Air Mobility

Podcast: A Guide To The B-21 Rollout

By Jen DiMascio Nov 29, 2022
On Dec. 2, the U.S. Air Force and Northrop Grumman will roll out the service’s first new stealth bomber in more than three decades. Listen in as Aviation Week defense editors discuss what details they are hoping to see and what is likely to come next for the B-21 Raider.
Defense and Space

What Aviation Can Learn About Hydrogen Propulsion From Other Sectors

By Thierry Dubois Nov 28, 2022
Hydrogen-powered vehicles progressing on the rails, roads and at sea can inspire and inform aviation applications.
Emerging Technologies

Opinion: Room For Optimism Amid Split-Party Control Of Congress

By Byron Callan Nov 28, 2022
The White House will likely request a Pentagon budget boost, and defense budget authorizations usually receive bipartisan support.
Budget, Policy & Operations

Malaysia Airlines Plans Fleet Upgrade As Rebound Strengthens

By Adrian Schofield Nov 23, 2022
The airline is seeing financial improvement, allowing it to focus on its next fleet replacement steps.
Airlines & Lessors

Hermeus Propulsion Test Marks Milestone Toward Hypersonic Flight

By Guy Norris Nov 23, 2022
Combined-cycle engine breakthrough demonstration paves way for Quarterhorse test flights in 2023.
Aircraft & Propulsion

The Week in Defense, Nov. 22-29, 2022

By Jen DiMascio Nov 22, 2022
Turkey’s new UCAV; U.S.-Japan missile defense test; Defense exec foresees supply chain price hikes; Space Force-Blue Origin agreement.

Sustainability Push Runs Up Against Safety

By Sean Broderick Nov 22, 2022
As aviation’s sustainability push continues, safety cannot be taken for granted.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

The Week In Technology, Nov, 21-25, 2022

By Graham Warwick Nov 21, 2022
SAF from methanol; liquid-hydrogen demonstrator; improving ducted-fan eVTOL; and an uncrewed firefighting aircraft.
Emerging Technologies

What’s In Store For Europe’s Airlines Next Summer?

By Helen Massy-Beresford Nov 21, 2022
After a busy but fraught peak season in 2022, will operational problems again outweigh the expected strong demand next summer?
Airlines & Lessors

Aerospace Calendar And Aviation Week Events, Nov. 21, 2022

Nov 18, 2022
A roundup of upcoming conferences, exhibitions and summits.
Aviation Week & Space Technology

New Positions, Promotions, Honors And Elections, Nov. 21, 2022

Nov 18, 2022
Recent appointments, promotions and honors in the aviation and aerospace industry.
Aviation Week & Space Technology

First Take, Nov. 21, 2022

By Graham Warwick Nov 18, 2022
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.

Letters From Our Readers, Nov. 21, 2022

Nov 18, 2022
Readers write about Franz-Josef Strauss' role at Airbus, simulation technology in aviation, Joint Stars and Boeing and the Transonic Truss-Braced Wing.
Aviation Week & Space Technology

Next Chapter In U.S. Space Program Opens With Launch Of Artemis I

By Irene Klotz Nov 18, 2022
NASA’s first SLS rocket had a long, adventurous life as ground-test hardware.

Marc Parent Wins 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

Nov 18, 2022
Marc Parent president and CEO of CAE since 2009, has led the Canadian company’s growth as a global leader in defense services.

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Wins 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

Nov 18, 2022
Steven F. Udvar-Hazy is the founding father of a leasing sector that today owns more than half of the global commercial aircraft fleet.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Opinion: Aviation Needs A Faster Path To Lower Carbon Emissions

Robin M. Mills Nov 18, 2022
Low-carbon aviation fuels can help industry buy time to develop sustainable aviation fuel that is affordable enough for wide adoption.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Aviation Week Presents 2022 Grand Laureate Award Winners

Nov 18, 2022
Continuing an annual tradition dating back to 1957, Aviation Week Network editors honored a wide variety of industry accomplishments.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Podcast: Archer Races Midnight Air Taxi Toward Production

By Carole Rickard Hedden Nov 17, 2022
As Archer Aviation unveils its four-passenger production air taxi, the Midnight, Aviation Week editors discuss the shifting competitive dynamics in the nascent advanced air mobility market where three rival OEMs with differing approaches push toward FAA certification and operation. 

Archer Unveils Midnight Production Vehicle

By Garrett Reim Nov 17, 2022
Startup says it is on track to be among the first eVTOL companies to launch service.
Advanced Air Mobility