International Airlines Group (IAG)

By Victoria Moores Nov 09, 2023
Tune in as Aviation Week editors speak with IAG Head of Sustainability Jonathon Counsell on aviation’s path to net zero, including reducing non-CO2 emissions.
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By Jens Flottau Oct 27, 2023
IAG is still in the pre-notification phase of the transaction and is still submitting information to the European Commission, the group's CEO reveals.
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By Linda Blachly Oct 12, 2023
Growing sustainable fuels has turned into a key focus area across aviation, while the number of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) partnerships continues to grow.
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By James Pozzi Oct 12, 2023
The conference explored issues with the Pratt & Whitney GTF and CFM International Leap and the outlook for the engines.
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By James Pozzi Oct 11, 2023
Enrique Robledo, appointed chief technical officer in February, discusses finding third-party maintenance work and managing capacity.
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By Helen Massy-Beresford Sep 28, 2023
The government of Portugal has announced plans to sell at least 51% of TAP Air Portugal, as it launched the long-awaited privatization process.
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By Helen Massy-Beresford Aug 07, 2023
Air France-KLM, IAG and Lufthansa Group say the summer is going more smoothly than last year’s and travel demand is set to remain strong.
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By Helen Massy-Beresford Jul 31, 2023
As demand for air travel and fleets grows, European carriers are investing to ensure they have enough qualified pilots.
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By Lori Ranson Jul 27, 2023
International Airlines Group (IAG) has converted options for six Boeing 787-10s held by British Airways into firm orders.
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By Graham Warwick Jul 24, 2023
Nova Pangea plans to build a plant in the UK to convert agricultural waste and wood residues into bioethanol for processing into sustainable aviation fuel.
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By Jens Flottau Jul 14, 2023
Airline consolidation is gaining traction in Europe: Air Europa and TAP Air Portugal are next in line to be acquired.
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By Helen Massy-Beresford, Christine Boynton, Lori Ranson May 25, 2023
Changes in cabin hardware and services can help cut waste and improve airlines’ environmental credentials.
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By Helen Massy-Beresford, Christine Boynton, Lori Ranson May 18, 2023
No immediate slowdown in robust demand is in sight, carriers say.
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By Jens Flottau May 05, 2023
International Airlines Group (IAG) expects to be at 97% of 2019 capacity levels in 2023.
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By Jens Flottau Apr 27, 2023
If antitrust concerns in Brussels scupper the takeover deals dreamt of by the big three European airline groups, other paths are available.
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By Aaron Karp Apr 19, 2023
The partnership comes as IAG-owned British Airways is boosting frequencies to Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) this summer.
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By Alex Derber Mar 20, 2023
Airline groups may use consolidation to access efficiencies and synergies in the aftermarket to further drive down costs.
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By Jens Flottau Mar 07, 2023
Before the coronavirus pandemic, IAG was Europe’s most profitable legacy airline group. Now it is struggling to keep up.
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By Jens Flottau Mar 01, 2023
The European airline landscape has been set in motion.
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By Jens Flottau Feb 24, 2023
CEO Luis Gallego said that IAG “has always been a platform for consolidation” after agreeing to buy Air Europa.
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By Helen Massy-Beresford Nov 01, 2022
The Spanish flag carrier said it has resumed service to all pre-pandemic Latin American destinations.
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By Kurt Hofmann Oct 28, 2022
International Airlines Group (IAG) said its revenues have returned to pre-pandemic levels and increased its outlook for full-year profit, but warned uncertainti
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By Thierry Dubois, Sean Broderick Oct 27, 2022
International Airlines Group shareholders have approved pending orders for an additional 37 Airbus A320neo and 50 Boeing 737 MAX airliners.
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By Routes Marketing Team Oct 16, 2022
Routes World 2022 will bring together over 2,000 decision makers from airlines, airports and destinations around the globe.
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By Kurt Hofmann Aug 03, 2022
Full restoration of its 2019 network is within sight.
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