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By Brandon Patrick Dec 08, 2023
According to Aviation Week Intelligence Network analysis, the new contract for three Embraer C-390s brings the number of outstanding firm or expected orders to 35, with Portugal, Austria, Brazil, Hungary, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic all expected to introduce fleets.

Aviation Week Staff Dec 07, 2023
The Kazakhstan Air Defense Forces continues to build up its fleet, greeting the arrival of two Czech-made Aircraft Industries L-410 light utility turboprops at Aktobe airfield on Dec. 5.
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By Steve Trimble Dec 04, 2023
The future seems bright for Embraer’s C-390 assembly line surrounded by sugar cane fields in Gaviao Peixoto, Brazil.
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By Tony Osborne Dec 04, 2023
Auditors have determined the UK Defense Ministry’s plans to purchase equipment over the next 10 years are again unaffordable.
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By Brandon Patrick Oct 26, 2023
The regional market for medium and heavy military transports is heating up as Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states work to modernize their airlift capabilities.
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By Tony Osborne Oct 24, 2023
Aging fleets and regional instability are making Gulf Cooperation Council member countries prime marketing opportunities for airlifter OEMs.
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By Tony Osborne Oct 09, 2023
Airbus has begun constructing a new maintenance facility for Germany’s fleet of A400M airlifters.
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By Brian Everstine Jul 24, 2023
U.S.-led training highlights how air operations must change to prepare for a potential conflict in the region.
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By Tony Osborne Jul 05, 2023
The UK Royal Air Force has demonstrated a nonstop long-range flight of its Airbus A400M airlifter, from the UK to Guam.
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By Tony Osborne Jul 05, 2023
Airbus will coordinate 33 companies including airframers, engine producers and defense electronics specialists on studies for a new European airlifter.
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By Chen Chuanren Jun 29, 2023
The French Air and Space Force has kicked off Pégase 2023, an annual military exercise, to demonstrate its capabilities in the Indo-Pacific region.
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By Tony Osborne Jun 27, 2023
Airbus is to lead a consortium of 33 companies to study the potential development of a future European airlifter to operate alongside the A400M.
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By Tony Osborne Jun 16, 2023
Germany’s labored defense modernization contrasts dramatically with neighboring Poland’s lavish spending, but why are nations struggling to spend the money?
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By Tony Osborne Jun 02, 2023
Michael Schoellhorn talks with Aviation Week about the rapidly changing face of Europe’s security requirements.
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By Helen Chachaty May 26, 2023
Germany, France, the Netherlands and Czech Republic are discussing the future of strategic airlift and eyeing solutions for heavy and outsized cargo aircraft.
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By Helen Chachaty May 04, 2023
Five years after a reorganization of its maintenance, repair, and overhaul organization, France’s defense ministry is drawing lessons from the efforts.
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By Helen Chachaty Apr 13, 2023
The country’s latest military programming law was presented to the Council of Ministers on April 4.
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By Tony Osborne Mar 02, 2023
The UK RAF plans to transfer most C-130J missions to the Airbus A400M by the time the Hercules leaves service in the summer.
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By Chen Chuanren Mar 01, 2023
Airbus says there are no immediate plans to certify aerial refueling between its A400M and A330 MRTT side underwing refueling pods.
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By Tony Osborne Feb 16, 2023
European countries need to “reconverge” their space efforts, Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said as he reported lower profits for Airbus' Defense and Space unit.

By Tony Osborne Feb 01, 2023
The service has had to compress development of C-130J missions onto the A400M.
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By Tony Osborne Jan 18, 2023
The European Defense Agency (EDA) has funded Airbus, Spanish company GMV, the German aerospace center DLR and German firm AES Technology.
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By Tony Osborne Jun 03, 2020
The approval, announced June 2, means that air forces now will be able to use the full capacity of the aircraft to drop up to 116 paratroopers from the paratroop doors.
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By Michael Bruno Dec 18, 2019
Airbus is beginning talks with workforce representatives to address cost structure and boost the division’s long-term competitiveness.
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