Christian Albertson Dec 07, 2023
One OEM dominates MRO spending over next decade.
Services & Support

By Joe Anselmo, Michael Bruno, Ben Goldstein, Lee Ann Shay Dec 05, 2023
Honeywell Aerospace’s new chief talks to Aviation Week editors about his priorities.
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

By Sean Broderick Nov 28, 2023
Boeing recently discovered 747 jumpers are failing “at an excessive rate,” an FAA airworthiness directive (AD) set for publication Nov. 30 reveals.
Safety, Ops & Regulation

By Steve Trimble Nov 21, 2023
The Boeing MQ-25 will not enter production until after development testing can begin on the first production-representative aircraft.
Multi-Mission Aircraft

By Brian Everstine Nov 20, 2023
Boeing has delivered the sixth and final test MH-139 Grey Wolf helicopter to the U.S. Air Force, completing the evaluation phase before a shift to production.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Steve Trimble Nov 17, 2023
A market survey suggests the U.S. Air Force is open to other platforms to replace the 757-200-derived C-32.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 17, 2023
Emirates and Boeing signed an agreement to partner on technologies for maintenance including drones, artificial intelligence, and augmented and virtual reality.
Dubai Airshow

By Chen Chuanren Nov 17, 2023
The announcement was made on the sidelines of the APEC summit held Nov. 11-17 in San Francisco.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Graham Warwick Nov 15, 2023
Aurora’s concept is a stealthy transport-style flying-wing design with moderate sweep and embedded engines powering four lift fans via mechanical drives.
Advanced Air Mobility

Nov 15, 2023
Darren Hulst, Boeing vice president, Commercial Marketing, provides an update on the company's major orders and outlook.
Dubai Airshow

By Irene Klotz Nov 14, 2023
Quantum Space plans to launch its Scout-1 demonstration spacecraft on the SpaceX Transporter mission as soon as March 2024.
Commercial Space

By Sean Broderick Nov 14, 2023
Boeing entered November with 305 737 program deliveries in 2023, putting it 70 short of reaching its recently revised full-year target of at least 375.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Karen Walker Nov 14, 2023
Tune in as Aviation Week Network speaks with BOC Aviation's retiring CEO Robert Martin and his successor, incoming chief executive Steven Townend.
Window Seat Podcast

By Sash Tusa Nov 14, 2023
Launch of the stretched A220 earlier than 2026 would free production slots for the higher-margin A321 and A321XLR variants—but a few hurdles stand in the way.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Nov 14, 2023
Boeing tets pilot Mike Bryan discusses the Boeing 777-9 manoeuvres at the flying display at Dubai Airshow 2023.
Dubai Airshow

By Guy Norris Nov 13, 2023
The Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO talks with Aviation Week about key issues facing the company.
Dubai Airshow

Nov 12, 2023
Guy Norris speaks to Captain Heather Ross, lead pilot for the 777-9, inside the aircraft's flight deck.
Dubai Airshow

By Lori Ranson Nov 10, 2023
Colombia’s largest airline, Avianca, is expanding at a fast pace after two of the country’s other carriers—Viva and Ultra Air—ceased operations this year.
Airlines & Lessors

By Jens Flottau Nov 10, 2023
The strong surge in demand for the A350-1000 has come as a surprise to many, including probably some inside Airbus.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Matthew Fulco Nov 10, 2023
While MRO joint ventures in China are still forming, the environment for such ventures is becoming less favorable.
Aircraft & Propulsion

Kay Sears Nov 10, 2023
A multi-orbit satellite architecture is key to the nation’s quest to “conquer the night.”
Budget, Policy & Operations

By Graham Warwick Nov 10, 2023
Our roundup of the main aerospace and defense stories making the news this week.
Emerging Technologies

By Brian Everstine Nov 07, 2023
The USAF is shopping for a new contractor to operate the fleet of Boeing 737-600s that ferries workers from Las Vegas to secretive locations in the region.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Lindsay Bjerregaard Nov 06, 2023
Continuing airworthiness management organizations are adding new aircraft types and regulatory approvals to their capability lists.

By Steve Trimble Nov 02, 2023
An internal investigation team will be formed to analyze the cause of the anomaly during a test launched from Vandenberg Space Force Base, California.
Missile Defense & Weapons