Boeing CH-47

By Chen Chuanren Oct 18, 2023
Lockheed Martin and Korea Aerospace Industries have agreed to explore meeting the South Korean military requirement for 18 heavy-lift helicopters.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Tony Osborne Oct 17, 2023
Germany is to base its one of its three planned Arrow 3 anti-ballistic missile batteries near Berlin, the Defense Ministry has announced.
Missile Defense & Weapons

By Steve Trimble Oct 11, 2023
The 6,000-shp T55-GA-714C, which includes a new compressor module, has components in different stages of validation testing.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Tony Osborne Jul 06, 2023
Germany looks set to purchase a new fleet of Boeing CH-47 Chinooks after the long-awaited acquisition was approved by the country’s Parliament.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Steve Trimble Jul 05, 2023
The final Block 1 production contracts totaled $793 million for 18 Chinooks for the South Korean army and a top-up order of one aircraft for the Spanish army.
Multi-Mission Aircraft

By Tony Osborne Jun 16, 2023
Germany’s labored defense modernization contrasts dramatically with neighboring Poland’s lavish spending, but why are nations struggling to spend the money?
Paris Air Show

By Brian Everstine Jun 01, 2023
With Osprey orders ending and the Chinook awaiting a major U.S. Army decision, Boeing is devising a new future for its Philadelphia campus.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Steve Trimble May 11, 2023
Germany chose the CH-47F Block II over the Sikorsky CH-53K to replace a fleet of CH-53Gs, offering Boeing’s assembly line in Philadelphia a lifeline.
Multi-Mission Aircraft

By Brian Everstine May 05, 2023
As the Army considers the CH-47F Block II production plan, Boeing expects more congressional additions and pitches more upgrades.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Tony Osborne Mar 09, 2023
The Netherlands Defense Ministry is selling off six of its retired Boeing CH-47D Chinook transport helicopters to a U.S. operator.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Brian Everstine Feb 27, 2023
The Taliban claims to have repaired about half of the U.S.-provided aircraft that were damaged during the final days of the American withdrawal from Kabul.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Brian Everstine Feb 11, 2023
A U.S. Air Force F-22 shot down an unidentified flying object off the coast of Alaska on Feb. 10.
Budget, Policy & Operations

By Steve Trimble Dec 02, 2021
The upgrade is Honeywell’s answer to a move by GE Aviation to offer the more powerful T408 turboshaft engine as a future upgrade option.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Lee Hudson Sep 23, 2020
The U.S. Army conducted its first flight of a NCH-47 Chinook equipped with the GE Aviation T408 engine, which is the same turboshaft engine outfitting the CH-53K King Stallion.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Tony Osborne Sep 18, 2020
Rolls-Royce is part of Boeing’s industry team to support the rotorcraft as it faces off against Sikorsky’s CH-53K King Stallion to secure the lucrative Schwerer Transporthubschrauber (STH) contract.
Aircraft & Propulsion

By Lee Hudson Feb 11, 2020
The service’s fiscal 2021 budget request once again attempts to defer Block II upgrades for conventional forces Chinooks, but includes money to upgrade special operations forces MH-47Gs.
Defense and Space

By Graham Warwick Feb 10, 2020
The biggest change is in procurement of the Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk, which is reduced as planned to 36 aircraft from 74 in 2020.
Defense and Space

By Tony Osborne Jan 14, 2020
Boeing says it expects Berlin to issue a contract award for a fleet of 44-60 helicopters plus sustainment and training in 2021.
Defense and Space